Canada mosque teaches 4 year-olds how to behead. Thoughts?

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    Big deal ! As a proud Canadian, I'm fairly confident that if I relocated to a Muslim country, I'd be free to unabatedly practice my Atheist beliefs.


    I'd encourage you to test that theory as soon as possible and get back to us....

    I soon as I've finished converting every North American from the Dark Side. Which one of you two wants to go first ?

    No thanks, digger. My "dark side" doesn't need to endlessly ridicule and harass people who believe otherwise.

    Don't be so sensitive,Bob. That's how Religious wars start in the first place.

    It gets old, digger. You're an atheist. No one gets in your face or makes fun of you. We have all kinds of faiths here, including ones that members have made up for themselves. No one makes fun of them, either. I like your sense of humor in general, but I'm sick to tears with your snide remarks about Christians. I am sensitive and I do take it personally, and I wish you would stop. Faith is personal. Leave it alone.

    You're right about no one "getting in my face" about my spiritual affiliation. Not that I wouldn't welcome such interesting interactions. I assure you that I would never feel offended or marginalized, despite being in the minority. You and most others on this site may not be fellow Atheists but I still think the world of you all...and you in particular. Smile, Bob. There may or may not be an after-life but on the off-chance that there isn't , let's enjoy this one, shall we? Cheers !

    Certainly, top aids are searching through Canadian law books to find a statute on child abuse that applies to this.  At the very least, it could qualify as "terrorist" on some level. 


    Bob! You made it to the board! even taking off all weekend…..

    I didn’t want to believe it but here it is in the article. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s stated in the article:

    “The people at this mosque are not integrating into Canadian society,” Lilley said. “They segregate themselves, be it with their clothing or in trying to build a Muslim-only complex. Given what we know about what was already being taught in the school associated with the mosque, more questions need to be asked and answered.”

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