Religious Right Is Fueling Climate Change Denial

    Why and how? The "Why" question goes back to Noah and global destruction by water and the belief that the world will be destroyed a second time by fire...completely. It's Biblical you know. So we are seeing lots of religious folk bent-over silly in staunch refusal of global warming...and more.   

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    So what?  The last time I checked, people were allowed to believe what they wanted.  The problem I see is letting people who believe beheading people is faith-decreed get away with what amounts to murder.  How to deal with that IS a conundrum.  Conservative Christians and global warming?  Really not a big deal.

    Our societies have a lot more to worry about than faith-based global warming issues.  


    Knowing what folk believe, and how we-all use our money says lots about who supports what, when, where and why. I'd like to check out the crystal ball for issues like this...but I usually have to go fish.

    I'd rather fish than try to read people's minds any day! You are in a great area for fishing! Cast a few lines for me. It's something I always enjoyed...

    Robert, it's been global colding for the last few winters . And now, it's more cold that I've ever seen it before in October.  Suddenly , last  Sat, it was  46 degrees and windy during the day time and at night, it was  39 F degrees

     So, we Christians are not  worried about global warming. We;re worried about global colding.

    Anyway, back in the 90s, when we had El Nino all winter, nobody freaked out about that. We were just enjoying a couple of years where a lot of days , it got up to 60 or 70 the Winter !!!


    It's been extremely warm and dry in Central California, which is, technically, a desert region, so we're not worried about global colding here. YOU, however, have had more than your share of snow and ice and rain and sleet. Hopefully, conditions will even out in time. But, I'm with you on this; Christians aren't making much impact on weather conditions.
    It's over 90 here today, 10/5/14.

    I thought I knew all the bible stories but have not heard this one. If I ever return to church, I’ll ask the man in charge……….


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