LIBEL, or just a petty, pathetic woman.....

    My sister has just had her attorney file a response to the petition to settle my parents' estate. In it, she states an absolute falsehood, accusing me of something I absolutely did not do and claiming she has a right to something of which she has none. 

    In a court document, can those lies be considered libelous and/or defamatory of character, perjury, or just the rants of a pathetically sick individual.  I'd like to sue her nasty a** and shut her mouth once and for all, at tremendous expense to her. 

    I can prove she's lying.  Does anyone know if I can sue her with any hope of winning?


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    If it was written in a newspaper you would have grounds to sue for libel, I can't see the difference if this lie was written in a court petition, if I were you I would sue the a$$ of the b***h, if as you say you have proof it's not true your lawyer will jump at the chance of some easy earnings.


    Thank you for validating my instincts, whether we are right or not! I will ask my attorney about this, of course; I've let her slander and libel me for a long time, but I'll be darned if I'll lay down and let something go into a court record that's a lie.


    mcm.......Slander is spoken defamation, libel is written!

    You can file a civil suit and represent yourself. Just convince the judge. Either or both of you can still bring a layer.  File for around $56.  This is from James. You can call your county atty. Just call the office at the courthouse and the person who answers will tell you what to do………..




    My main concern is whether or not I HAVE a case!
    I know I can file myself....and $56 is from another century Try $300+

    Sounds expensive to me Phyl. I don't know a lot about law,especially Californian law but I do know the only real winners are the lawyers.


    I would employ the attorney who has been with me through this whole estate issue. If I were to prevail, she would definitely be paying his bill. The extent of her nastiness has no limits.

    My heart goes out to you Phyl.It's terrible when siblings squabble over wills etc.We had this same problem with one of my sisters when my mum passed. I washed my hands of the whole thing,told her to take what she wanted & haven't bothered to talk to her since.(16 Years).I hope she's enjoying having the few pieces of bric a brac she wanted so badly.She probably considered it a good trade for me.LOL.

    It IS sad. My sons are supposed to get something, and she has done everything possible to delay and/or prevent it, all in an effort to be hateful to me. I would feel sorry for her but she knows exactly what she is doing. :(

    You can sue anybody for anything. But, you just might not win .

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