I just wrote my dead brother’s wife a nasty email. I can’t take it back. Have you ever done anything like this?

    I told her that it’s no wonder that nobody likes her……….

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    If I were, you I would apologize to her. :)

    No, I won’t. I meant every word. It’s just too bad she pushed me that far…….

    Julie - I do know what a determined person you are. Think about this though - she lost her husband regardless - if you feel later you want to apologize then you can - but what is done is done. Not kind of her to give your Mother grief. Some things you cannot forget or indeed forgive. I similar things happen to me when my Mother died- I just ignored it and ignored them since. Good luck with this. Here I go again if there is a God - he is able to forgive and has understanding too. We are fragile human beings and do not have his omnipetence.

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    No I haven't. If you WANT to take it back, call her and tell her so. That won't be so easy to do but it will mean that you attempted to "fix it".             :(


    We've all said things, in one form or another, that we wish we hadn't.

    But I meant it. She is such a “little” person she won’t understand….

    Well, if you meant it and that relationship is irrelevant, then so be it, as long as you can live with it. said "I can't take it back". That leads me to believe that maybe you wish you could?

    Means I should not have stooped to her level……...

    Well no....I haven't. She must have really upset you Julie.


    P.S. On a lighter note...With any luck her computer crashed last week.

    She did upset me. I wrote numerous emails to her but only sent her the one. I feel better but I should not have let such a little person get to me like she did……..

    I take it the S.I.L. is not a nice person.

    Worse than that! She’s a republican!!!!! lol

    SO AM I !!!
    But in this country it has a whole 'nuther meaning. LOL.



    Oh, Thank You!

    Dang straight honey... what you with-hold can kill you! I think the Master said that! peace xo LL

    Not that I can recall.


    Actually, I don’t feel terrible but I’m better person than that. I should not have let her get to me…….

    Knowing a little more about the situation, think about what you said to me in your email about writing to her.  

    Not that I agree with you, however.  You were pushed to a breaking point.   Do I tell off people who desperately need it?  No, I'm too much of a wuss.  

    If you feel you were "in line", don't worry about it.  If you feel you went overboard, apologize. 


    i know how you feel.  i did say something to someone when i was in junior high school.  afterwards i felt i hurt the person's feelings and my statement should have been different.  i told myself then, "think before you speak".  i said it to myself and brainwashed myself, no to be rude and to be courteous.  don't get me wrong, i do speak my mind and the truth, and have had to set a few people straight over the years.  but i try to be diplomatic, even if i can't stand the s.o.b.  the trick is to let the person know you can't stand them and/or what they did, in a diplomatic manner.  have a fabulous day!


    Oh, they know for sure how I feel now or else they’ve turned off their internet site. Have had no reply……..

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