Look, Ma ! .....No Cavities !! .............

    I got my teeth cleaned and examined recently and the dentist said there was no decay. And the hygienist said I don't have much tartar on my teeth. And it was like that at my last cleaning , too.  That's a far cry from the way it used to be. Everytime I went to a dentist, he said I had  2---4 cavities. Does tooth decay slow down as we get older. ?

     What's  the condition of your teeth ?

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    They do decay less as we get older.I was told this by a dentist when I was in my 40s.
    My teeth are fair to good.At least they are the ones I grew.
    My father always said he still had his own teeth.Bought & paid for.LOL

    Tommy, thanks for letting my know that it can be true that the decay slows down as we get older. That's one good thing about aging ! And your eyesight gets better too, if your near sighted...........mine did and my mother's did and some of my friends have said that too ! :-)

    Fair dinkum?? That's a revelation about eyesight to me.Mine just gets worse & I detest wearing glasses.

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    I have no cavities either. I brush my teeth every time I take them out……...





    LOL. It's not funny, but it's funny the way you put that .
    Tommyh have a store bought 32 piece dinner set?

    I have my own teeth and cannot remember when I last had a cavity. My only problem now, is that old fillings crack from time to time and then need to be replaced. Also, very little cleaning needed according to my dental hygienist.


    How does your dentist give a BILL to a duck?

    She can't so I have to pay up right away. :)

    Just great. Makes me glad I'm not a duck! I pay in installments.

    It's not easy being a duck.

    Ducky, you are so blessed ! And Clonge, I get your pun. Very punny !

    Tooth decay, leading to cavities tends, to slow down as we age, because many lose their teeth. Although my gums are in danger of falling out, they don't get cavities. My teeth are in good condition, although I floss with a rope. I've also had 4 implant$$$$!

    ....still have them

    ....had to have a crown last year

    Last Monday, my 31 teeth were cavity-free, and about the same as 6 months ago. 4 crowns, 4 wisdom teeth, missing a molar that cracked and couldn't be saved. 

    I have had full dentures since the age of 40,,partly my own fault,did not really look after them..i gave them a harder life than they gave me..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..Image result for false teeth photos

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