Why does my cat pull her hair out on her back near her tail ?

    I looked at the area, but did not see fleas, ticks,or anything. Could see her pink skin. If she doesn't stop that, she's going to be bald there. I feel bad for her that something's bothering her. She's always been a very nervous cat. I've heard those white cats are nervous.

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    MCM you asked a similar question about your cats tail a few weeks ago. I know you said she does not have fleas nor had you changed her diet which sometimes causes skin reactions.  

    If your cats tail is still red/raw she needs to be seen by a vet. Some conditions can't be treated with over the counter products, home remedies and interventions.

     I found this information on a website perhaps your kitty is suffering from this condition: 

    Signs and Symptoms of Feline Hyperesthesia

    The word hyperesthesia means ‘abnormally increased sensitivity of the skin.’

    It’s a condition in which the skin on a cat’s back ripples from the shoulders all the way to the tail.

    The rippling is visible in some cats, but more difficult to see with others.

    What many pet owners notice first is the kitty turning toward her tail suddenly as though something back there is bothering her.

    She may try to lick or bite at the area.

    And most cats with this condition will take off running out of the blue as though something scared them or is chasing them.

    Kitties with hyperesthesia also have muscle spasms and twitches, and twitching of the tail.

    If your cat has the syndrome, he may show sensitivity when any point along his spine or back is touched. He may chase his tail, bite at himself, turn toward his tail and hiss, vocalize, run and jump. He may also seem to be hallucinating – following the movement of things that are not there – and he may have dilated pupils during these episodes.

    In severe cases of feline hyperesthesia, cats will self-mutilate by biting, licking, chewing and pulling out hair. These poor kitties suffer not only hair loss, but often severe skin lesions from trying too aggressively to seek relief from the uncomfortable sensations they experience.

     Your cat may also have crystals in her urine or blocked anal glands causing pain near her tail and this could be why she's chewing her tail.

    Good Luck!


    Thx, CB. I learned a lot from reading that. My g.friend said, too, that if I change their diet, it might help.
    I think the other post I made was about my other cat having scabs near the base of her tail. She still has them and has some pointy scabs on her neck.She causes them from scratching her neck all the time with her claws. I can't stop her from scratching :-(
    country bumpkin

    My cousin has 4 cats. Ryan (male cat) has allergies and must receive an injection every 6 weeks from the vet to keep him from scratching and chewing his skin. If you can afford it MCM, please consider allergy injections for your cats.
    I hope your cats will be feeling relief soon. :)

    It could be sunburn causing an itch.White cats are susceptible to sunburn.Try rubbing some of your cold cream +35 into the area.


    +35? What in the world (literally) is that?


    Well that's what I meant! Patience Julie patience. I'm gettin' old ya know!

    So where does +35 come in?

    SPF 35+. I got it backwards.


    It's the accent Julie. :)

    Maybe it's the Aussie code.

    I don't like it when people have secret codes. It makes me feel left out. :((

    It can be stress, out female did that for sometime, then she started biting her tail. She eventually pulled all the hair out of her tail, then bit it off. It was a nightmare,because it was then painful as well and she ran around the room with blood flying everywhere. We managed to calm her and take her to the Vet, they cut what was left of her tail off. She now has just a little stub about 3 inches long, she still tries to Bite it when she's stressed,  but fortunately she can't reach it now. My son's cat has been pulling his fur out recently, first of all the Vet treated him for flees, but now the flees have gone , he's still doing it sometimes. His next door neighbour had three kittens, which starting coming out into the garden , we think it may have been stress because the kittens came too close to his territory. 


    my g.friend's cat is like that. She even pulled hair off the back of her legs. And it's affecting her behavior. Yes, it is stressful on us cats owners.
    Since my new neighbor moved her a year and a half ago, She has two small loud barking dogs !! I think that is still making my cats nervous. It makes me nervous too.

    More than one of our dogs chewed raw spots on their backsides during the warm summer months.  The vet said it was a skin irritation, and gnats simply swarmed around the raw spots.  As the weather cooled, the gnawing subsided and the fur grew back.  

    Hopefully, whatever is eating your kitty will stop!  I agree with CB that a trip to the vet would be in kitty's best interest.  

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