Not that we all have lots of spare money to donate to good causes, but I found this interesting and heartwarming, while heartbreaking at the same time.  It's a story about Timber, a dog who was buckshot at close range.       

    I'll be sending them something. Maybe you will, too.

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    Good on Timber, he looks like a great dog, I wish they weren't banned in the UK, I would have one own me in a heartbeat!

    Bad hoomans make good dogs bad.

    Timber has certainly brought a big smile to my face. My favorite part of the video is when Timber has his head sticking out of the window of the car. He looks so happy to finally be loved.

    He looked like he didn’t need to be loved to be happy. Such a good dog. I’m sorry he was born into such a stereotype……….

    He looks like a great dog. I firmly believe that it's nurture not nature that forms the behaviour of these dogs. I once had a Collie & was shocked to find that they were listed as #5 on the dangerous dogs list.

    Poor old Timber was probably shot because he refused to be aggressive. That's what happens with these hunting dogs.They are deliberately mistreated to make the savage & aggressive.

    It's a wonder that he still likes humans after what happened to him. He looks a lovely friendly dog, bless him.

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