Scotland independant???????

    It doesn't seem so.Dissappointing for some I s'pose but at least they settled it with a peaceful referendum,not a civil war.From what I've seen of it,it was more like a football grand final than a referendum for independance.

    Never mind Scotland.You are still great.There will always be a Scotlland.

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    At least you don't have young men dying due to hunger strikes like they did in the 80s in N. Ireland.

    True, Julie.

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    The heads won over the hearts, we are still, and always will be a proud nation.

    terryfossil 1

    hold your head up high mate,,most of the stories i have heard of the scots,is of courage,pride and honour,,after all mate,,you gotta have courage to wear a skirt for all these years..all the best mate......

    I haven't seen a single post from our group of friends on FB today who voted No.These people are absolutely gutted by the results and it brings tears to my eyes  reading their words of concern.  From what I've come to understand it's the upper class and middle class who voted No and the working class voted Yes.  

    I don’t get it, I’m just not worldly enough. I’m kind of concerned, isn’t this all about what William Wallace wanted? Or is that just in the movies?



    We got what he wanted centuries ago, this was about controlling our own lives.

    A good result, and the Scots voted in huge numbers. I am proud to be a Scot.


    And so you should be Nom.I think it was a good result too.Even tho it's none of my business.:)

    Not being up on what happened, I can't voice an informed comment, but ROMOS said heads won out over hearts.   

    Since our hearts aren't controlled by brains, and those heart choices are often a huge mistake, I have to think this result was for the better???


    I have to agree.Separation from the UK would have far reaching ramifications on pensions,healthcare,passports & so many other tings that most people don't even consider.Apart from all that,Scotland will still always be Scotland if you know what I mean.

    I always think of it as being its own. My horizons need to be expanded.

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