Only love can drive out hate. Agree?

    They chose reconciliation over revenge. #makepeace<br/><br/>NOTE: This is actually a picture of Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen and Sheik Ibrahim Abu-el Hawa at peace manifestation called Jerusalem Hug in June 2013. NOT as captioned. We are leaving this up to clarify....and because it's a beautiful image of reconciliation. <br/><br/>Here's a story of reconcilation from the recent tragic killings:

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    This is not an example of "love". It is empathy and compassion. These two do not hate each other, but they are not friends as a result of their mutual losses. At this moment, they are not Israeli and Palestinian; they are grieving men.

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    It feels better to Love than to Hate. When I 'hate' I feel weakened, thwarted by my own inability to shine it off... acceptance is another powerful aspect of Love that is rarely over-ridden... in showing acceptance I am able to let the hateful things go, give the hatred no energy.



    Best Answer, Lindi. That's what Jesus taught.

    No, I don't agree.  

    Education, Empathy, Compassion, Tolerance, Indifference.

    In the case of some, COMPENSATION! 


    More like common sense will kill hate. The ability to love is fed by common sense……..

    According. To the song Love is a many Spended Then

    Love is a many splended thing, in the morning mist we all got
    pi----d and the world stood still.

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