how can i get someone out of my accounts for good ? he is the domain administrator of my life now. i dont make a move unless he gives the go ahead , he reads everything , decides if it sends , i have NO privacy, and i have changed providers, names, numbers, accounts, now he has groupies to do the stuff he doesnt feel like doing, so i cant catch a break ! How do I stop this ? I cant take it anymore.

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    This is internet harassment, report it to the police.

    1. domain administrator is someone with access only to an account's domain settings. This role was created using a now-discontinued service and can no longer be assigned separately. To provide access to your domain settings, you can assign a user the role of administrator.



      To remove a domain from your Google account:

      1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.

      2. From the dashboard, click Domains.

        If you don't see Domains, click More controls.

      3. If you're removing a separate domain (not a domain alias), remove all user accounts, email aliases, and groups from the domain.
        Use the Search accounts box at the top of the Admin console to confirm that the domain doesn't include any users, aliases, or groups.

      4. Click Remove in the row for the domain.

        Note: You can't follow these steps to remove the primary domain that's associated with your account—that is, the domain you signed up with. If you no longer want to use your primary domain with Google services, or if you want to add the domain to another Google account, you must first delete this Google account.

      5. Click Yes, remove domain to confirm that you wish to remove the domain from your Google account.

        If there are still users with email addresses in this domain, an error message appears and the domain is not removed.

      Once you remove the domain, you can't add any users or groups to it in this account. However, you can add the domain toanother Google account and add its users and groups to the domain there.

      You might have to wait as much as 24 hours before you can begin adding the removed domain or domain alias and then begin adding users. The amount of time is tied to the size of the account from which the domain or domain alias was removed.

    What? Who is this "someone" you're asking about? Is this a person you live with? Throw him out. 

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