A Woman Told Her Boss About A Devastating Cancer Diagnosis. He Responded By Firing Her. Thoughts?

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    If he did, in fact, lay her off in order to "help" her collect benefits and if he did intend to hire her back after she regained her health, that is a whole different story. However, it is now his lawyer who is busy explaining all of that important information, which had apparently been omitted from his letter. Since the woman has worked for him for twelve years, let's see what his patients think? No wonder he has contacted his lawyer! Ah, karma...

    You would have thought he could have been more considerate, after all those years working for him,he could at least have given her some financial compensation.

    He could have at least explained his reasoning in the handwritten note instead of letting others come up with an excuse……….

    Check this out:

    That's what happened to me. When I was an assistant teacher in a Christian Pre-School, in Feb of  ' 07, I had to have surg, chemo and radiation. When I was done or mid-way thru it,I told  the administrator that I was ready to come back to work ; and she kept beating around the bush to put it off. I kept calling her on into the summer. She finally said,  " Well, when  you were off,we had to find somebody to fill in for you" ( permanently )  And she had just given me a good evaluation right before I got cancer.  That's all I needed ---to lose my job when I had a lot of big Dr.  bills,etc.

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