Obama requests to play golf denied. Don't you feel just terrible?


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    4 Answers hoo. I wouldn't give up my tee time for anybody either, especially if I were rich enough to pay over $100,000 per season for a membership. Furthermore, Labor Day Weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the entire year and plans are made way ahead on those kinds of courses. Now, I might invite George Clooney to play WITH me but I wouldn't give up my spot for him either!     :)

    It’s just a game of golf for cry-yi-yi. What’s a game but a relaxing way to forget for a while & not all that long. I think he should have it, it kept my dad sane for many, many years……...

    breaks my heart  ;-0

    i think we should grow up.  history will look back and see how this president was treated and think, we in the 20th century were idiots.


    " and think, we in the 20th century were idiots."
    especially to have elected him twice.

    He needs to grow up. He should not announce the barbaric beheading of an American then go to the golf course and fist bump his friend and smile hugely. BTW, what is his strategy? Is it a war or not a war?

    He's been treated no worse than any other president that the people did not agree with.

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