When was last time you saw a meteror? Do you look up at night and see a satellite moving?

    Saw one about a year ago. Falling very close to where I was. Saw the fire burning around the rock, then another meterorite following behind it half the size. There is a web site that can tell you from where you are located , when and where the next visual satellite will be seen.

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    I live in Austin now, lots of lights so the meteor don’t show like they did when I was a kid.  Saw them all the time then. Used to find them in the dirt……..

    Last month.Shooting across the Eastern sky.It was so quick I almost missed it.

    I see meteors very often in the clear night sky north of Mt. Shasta in California. I dislike the city lights down south. The view of the night sky here and especially a few miles away from the lights of Yreka is spectacular. The stars of Orion are so clear and beautiful. I have seen lots of our junk in orbit...and falling out of orbit. If meter

    I like looking for meteors here...they are commonly found on ice covered ponds in the winter and as magnetic/burned stones. The whole planet collects tons of meteors continually. The fall-out adds about 1/4 inch of space dirt to our world every year. So please don't say meteors are rare, they are common.     

    In August, it's fun to drive into the foothills and find a dark spot where you can see the starry sky without the haze of lights and watch shooting stars.  Haley's Comet (I think it was Haley's) made an appearance within the past 20 years and it was clearly visible from our home, which was in the middle of orchards and vineyards.  My friend and I set up our cameras on tripods and set a long exposure period.  It was interesting to see the photos, with the comet stretching across the sky.  



    I love it!! ;)

    I love the surrounding skies .. we see all kinds of things in our sky... shooting stars galore and many UFOs as well as satellite after satellite going by overhead but the ones that zig zag and dart around and make triangle lights? Well.... I dunno what those are but I have my suspicions!


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