what are some cute halloween costumes for my daughter and her friends they're 12?

    last year they were sleeping beauty and wore pajamas and tiaras so something similar to that.


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    Order some shirts from Universal Studios...THING 1 and THING 2

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    country bumpkin

    The last picture is questionable for a young teenager, but I know Taco Bell is a bit hit with teens.

    Let's go as slurpees CB. Ok?
    country bumpkin

    I guess you want to be the yellow Slurpee. Can I be red?

    Sure, whatever you like. :)





    Dress them in green tights and red hats, wrap them in cellophane and call them a jar of olives………. 

    Bride and Groom


    Burt and Ernie

    Cat and Mouse

    When my kids were in school, they had to dress as book characters if they wanted to wear a costume to school for the parade.  I liked buying them sweat shirts and sweat pants and adding to them.

    Red sweats, add a red wool cap and sew some red felt ears to it, a ribbon "collar", sew a red knee sock to the butt and you have Clifford the Big Red Dog.   White sweats with a black top hat, broom, wool scarf, and sew a couple big black buttons on the shirt for Frosty the Snowman.    The sweats will help keep them warm and can be worn often, after you take the extra stuff off..   

    Green sweats and attach artificial flowers from the Dollar Store.  Blue sweats and add some peacock feathers.   

    A couple of years ago, my grandson was the Big Bad Wolf, and his little sister was Little Red Riding Hood, they were so cute, he chased her and howled at the moon, etc. 

    One could dress as a crazy cat lady and the rest could be her cats!

    A Witch and her cats too!

    A bunch of hobos is always fun... or clowns with a prop like a wagon or mini-car

    A baseball team..... or a Diva and her entourage!

    A bunch of babies would be cute.... or nuns ... or a rock band ... or 50s style greasers... or ....

    At 12 it might be fun if they come up with their own ideas for costumes.


    and they will

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