How do you take your coffee? Or do you even drink it?

    I drink mine with a little (real) cream in it……...

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    I love my coffee.  I drank it with milk and lots of sugar when I was a child. One of my best childhood memories is my grandmother driving to Brownwood to visit her sister. They would drink coffee at the table and talk about all their misfortunes. I wanted to sit with the big dogs instead of play so they  would make a cup of coffee for me to drink why I sat there trying to decipher the coded grown up talk.

     Today I drink my coffee black without cream but, occasionally I like cream in my coffee.

    Any way I can!  My preference is with a short shot of yum real cream and a smidgen of any sweetening especially if it's honey honey!

    And every once in a while a cappuccino will come along....


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