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    A feasibility study involves the comprehensive assessment of the three fundamental aspects of technical, financial and environmental feasibility. It is essential that the feasibility of a project is evaluated properly so that the key issues that may arise can be identified early on in the process so that appropriate decisions can then be made.


    From a technical point of view, there are a number of essential elements:

    • Available capacity on the grid

    • Soil stability

    • Absence of physical obstacles that can inhibit the wind

    • Size of the terrain

    • Site accessibility (in general as well as to each turbine)

    • Wind speed


    Wind speed is of paramount importance to financial feasibility. Detailed wind studies are undertaken in which existing wind data is used and new data is collected where necessary. The smallest change in wind speed can have a major impact on the profitability of a wind park. Costs related to the construction of a wind park, grid connection, and compensation paid to property owners are also taken into account.




    To a certain extent, a wind park has an impact on the immediate environment. Existing policies ensure a thorough procedure for assessing such ecological impacts. An environmental impact assessment comprises a comprehensive evaluation of potential noise and landscape pollution, impact on fauna and flora and the effects of shadow.


    Environmental restrictions can render a project unfeasible, whilst additional environmental requirements can mean that a project will not be profitable. For this reason, WindVision feels that it is important to talk to environmental experts about how best environmental issues can be addressed, so that the environmental impacts are kept to an absolute minimum. >>>





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