what is psychosis?

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    Psychosis is a medical term. If you have psychosis, you might see or hear things, or hold unusual beliefs, that other people do not. Some people describe it as a "break from reality". You may also hear terms such as “psychotic symptoms”, “psychotic episode” or “psychotic experience”.

    In mental health care, these experiences are viewed as symptoms of mental illness which need treatment.  In many cases, if you experience these symptoms you are not aware of this and believe that the sensations are real. About 1 in every 100 people will experience a psychotic episode in their lifetime.

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    schizophrenics hear thing and see things that are not there. They're not necessarily psychotic.

    I have a type, I should be an expert on the subject… It’s any mental status outside of the social “norm”…..


    What is norm?

    I said “social norm”, ask “they”……….


    I am neither a psychiatrist nor a psychologist, so I cannot give an honest explanation that would be better than the answers already provided. It must be difficult to be a person who has to experience it, on a day to day basis.

    It's when you lose touch with reality .

    Yup, to all that. In my experience, leaving an unreal, personally threatening association may be considered insane or psychotic by the collective torture party. But the person who is going through such an episode and seeks to bail-out of that scene may actually be doing what they should do for themselves. When this happens, pressing the person authoratatively to stay and deal with their "delusions" may drive them to suicide. Better to let them deal with their own problem their way so long as their options are free and open and invitingly happier than where the are.    


    Whatever gets you through life acceptable for you and the police is all that matters.

    Or, as John Lennon said, " Whatever gets you through the Night ...."

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