Has anyone else experienced a heat related incident? Yesterday I had a bad one and had to get help just getting in the house! Take care all if you get out in the heat!

    Overdid mowing grass!

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    I’M A TEXAN! And I still almost suffered a heat stroke last summer.  Was walking in the sun on a 100+ day, uphill, and fast.  Had to sit down and drink something, get home to the cool (no choice but to walk)…...


    It' very scary! I worked in die cast for years where the tmp was plus 120 near the melting pot, But this experience really frightened me! Thank heavens all is well now!

    Take care Lu.Drink plenty of water. Heat doesn't worry me much.I am completely acclimatized to our sub-tropical climate but I know what you feel.Maggie feels the heat terribly.


    I was drinking a lot of water and juice! I guess my old age is catching up! It was very scary! I could hardly walk and had splotches of yellow for vision! Tell Maggie to take care ! ♥

    Yes, when I worked in a  nursing home as an LPN, it wasn't air conditioned. None of them were, back then.- - - even in the 90s.  It was hottest on the 2nd shift, b/c the heat builds up during the daytime,and there's not cross ventilation, and no box fans and no industrial size pedestal fans in the hall . So, while I was passing meds to 65 people and supervising the techs, ( the aides )  I would get sick from the heat.........faint, nauseous, etc. But, when you're the only nurse on two halls, the show must go on. You have to keep working for 8 hours b/c the patients need the tube feedings, their finger sticks, their insulin, their TPN, their I V s  checked, their meds.their inhalers,their eyedrops, their breathing treatments, etc . And you, the LPN have to do all that and more. You have to call the families, call the undertaker, call the hospital, the pharmacy , the ambulance, the doctor and more and more yet.

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