White teen killed by black cop! Where is the media?

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    Surprise! Surprise! Just who are the prejudiced ones? Black or white?

    The same weekend this happened to the "Gentle Giant" There were 11 murders in Chicago! I guess Al and Jesse were not in town!  Talk about BOOHOO! I need a break from stupid crapola like trying to (Incite Riots)

    Yes!  And you won't see or hear other than a 5 sec. segment. No details. And there's more than that going on black on white crime. The white newly weds on honeymoon that were beaten, raped and throats cut by several blacks.  You didn't hear much of that either.  The media is creating this divide, the current administration is endorsing it, the justice system is upside down.  I would like to hear more facts on the Michael Brown case but from this point on I believe we will only hear support for the 300# black child that was a gentle giant on his way to college. No mention of his prior arrests, no mention of the fear he incited on innocent people in the neighborhood with his bulling and size.

    I fear the media being controlled by liberal g'ment will pander to keep violence at a minimum, you know that if the officer is not found guilty that we will have nationwide riots. Or as the media says--protesting. They must sacrifice this officer for the sake of the nation gone wild. I am a racist because I endorse the constitution that 'innocent until proven guilty' is fair.  I'm racist because I want justice for both the brown family and the officer. I'm racist because I prejudged this 300# 6'4 18 year old child as a thug after I saw the video in the convenient store bullying the employee.  I am a racist because I think that was wrong, and I should ignore this.  I'm a racist because I disagree with al Sharptin's call to violence that he preaches for the millions of dollars NBC pays him to do so.  I am racist because I believe hard work is the way to success in America.   And I could go one with this but I'm sure I will be called a racist.


    Tell it like you see it! I have to agree with you so I guess we are partners! I am not racist but give me a break! Some things need no explaining so why the cry of racism when it seems to be common sense??

    Well put Vinny. A very appropriate comment.TU.

    It angers me that I can recall a nation of unity, were we perfect? No way did we make mistakes? all the time; but! we were united as one. we fought like siblings would fight but don't let anyone else say something about our brother and sister, regardless of color! I totally blame the media for this split, I blame the current Obama administration for feeding it choosing sides and endorsing civilian conflicts. The president of the united states has no business choosing one American over another, and he certainly should not be siding with the illegals that are sucking us dry, not to mention raping, killing, robbing hard working Americans. He should not be apologizing for our great military that have given their lives to protect our future from the evils that this man opens the door to. This point in time is the worst blemish, to our great country since it's beginning in 1776. An embarrassment to our allies, a total failure. I do not totally blame Obama though, it's the weak and uninformed that put him in office and most walk with blinders even today as the worship the mess we are in. Why not? They know the rest of us hard working Americans are forced to take care of them. feed, house, give medical and last but not least, we are forced to respect them.

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