Who do you think exemplifies the greatest "rags to riches" story in the United States?

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                    Sam Walton


    he started out poor ?
    country bumpkin

    Sam Walton was born on March 29, 1918 to Thomas Gibson, who was a Farm Loan Appraiser and Nancy Lee Walton in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. The family lived in Oklahoma on a farm that they owned until 1923. After the birth of Sam's younger brother Jame, the Walton family found it difficult to run the farm profitably enough to provide for the entire family.
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    Uh, Robin Williams………...


    He came from a family with money . They lived in an upper class suburb of Detroit. His father was a big wheel ( no pun intended ) at one of the Big 3. He went to " Detroit Country Day School " ----a private and expensive elementary school.It might go up to 8 th grade. Coincidentally, Pam Dawbar lived in the same town as Williams .

    Oh, well. Reminds me of Richard Cory…..

    CHER!  She started school in an old, worn dress that somebody threw out.

    Oh, wait, that was somebody else....but Cher did have modest and humble beginnings.  She has worked hard for her success, and her life has been an open book.  



    And a fellow Armenian! Too bad you didn't win the grand prize on "The Price is Right"...there might have been another!

    I wonder why I find the "Riches to Bottom-dweller" stories so much more appealing to my interest.  


    Maybe you subconsciously don't like rich people? I only like rich people who "don't forget where they came from", and philanthropic ones like Bill Gates.

    There are many more crash and burn finance stories than rags to riches. I have known many wealthy folks. Been around them and grew-up with folk who had no interest in money and had too much to talk about. I was amazed that so many had no interest in money while making money from my gadgets (weed-eaters, etc). Of course, Nikola Tesla had the same problem and died in poverty while folks who profited from what they stole from him were happy with the money. That's what I don't like about money, it bypasses moral uncertainty and accepts any and all necessary action to contain and control the secret of their abundance thereafter considered earned wealth. A rich-prick told me that I was not given money because I would have no need to invent anything if I could just buy what ever I needed.

    Horatio Alger. I read one of his books. He encouraged poor boys to get a job and start out slow and work their way up.

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