I couldn't get a ring off my swollen finger. Has anyone ever had this problem?

    I couldn't get a ring off my swollen finger. I had to have it cut off. I hope a jeweler can fix it. I'm glad the fire department did it because I most definitely didn't want to go to the emergency room.  

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    I watched this video earlier to day. How to get a ring off finger with string.


    I was going to going to post the same video! What a great hint! I need to use it now……...

    That's what a nurse did for my mother in the hospital.

    Yes!  I've had a ring get stuck on my finger, too, and it is scary!  I run my hand in cold water and soap or oil it excessively!  Fortunately, I removed my rings when playing softball, as I broke fingers on the field one day! 

    Your jeweler might not be able to make your ring look new.  My engagement ring was very old (Mr. Wonderful's grandmother's ring) and it wore out. I ended up putting the stone in a wide band.  

    GOOD LUCK!  (Oh, next time, try sticking your swollen finger in a raw potato.  It helps with swelling...bowlers use them on their thumbs!)

    I have heard that putting your hand in iced water for a couple of minutes will shrink the finger a little to get the ring off.I can't say if it works I don't wear rings.But it's worth a try.


    That makes sense, Tommy

    When my mom got her wedding ring stuck on her finger when she was in the hosp once, the nurse put some dental floss under and thru the ring and finger and kept turning it up and over and around her finger . It soon moved the ring toward the end of her finger and off. Personally , I would put lotion or Goo Gone or vegetable oil, or sewing machine oil,, or  soap on the finger to make the ring slide off.

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