Kids going back to school. I can't believe the school is asking...........

    Kids going back to school. I can't believe the school is asking parents to buy graphing calculators that cost $120.00. We have two high-school students. 9th and 10th graders. One taking algebra 1, and the other geometry. The school knows that they are asking a lot out of parents, that's why they put up a message explaining why this is a good investment. The school had a lot of fundraisers for many things, these graphing calculators should have been one of them. 

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    I had a similar experience 8 years ago. It's nothing new, Chelleanne, just getting worse.

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    I know schools ask a lot from parents! I agree they should fund raise for these needed items! I bet they find funds for their sports department! Priorities seem to go by the way side! I hope you get help getting the calculators!


    The tax payers' dollars are supposed to provide the school with whatever it needs.It sounds more the school system is lining it's pockets with some of the profits it's made from getting parents to buy these graphing calculators . How did WE learn to do graphing without " graphing calculators " ........with good old graphing paper and pencil, ........and colored pencils. And a straight edge. I loved making graphs and labeling them ; and making maps and charts too .

    That sounds a bit much to ask. I'm glad I'm not a young parent in these times. 

    It's really unfortunate schools don't provide these expensive tools the students likely may never use again. Do Chem students have to provide their own bunsun burners, test tubes, and slides? Doubtful.


    I gotta admit,school aint what it used to be..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think it's too much to ask. The parents already have a lot of expenses in raising the children . Why don't they teach the students how to do graphs without the calculators? We did it and it didn't hurt us.

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