Journalist in Syria

    Again Radical Muslims,,,if the beheading of American journalist is true,,Retribution should come fast and hard and permanent ,,what i feel and think,,i cannot put here,,,,but i will say it is time for Muslims around the world to speak out against radical Muslims,,by keeping silent it indicates their approval of the radicals,,,thats enough from me,i may regret saying anymore..>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    It's a despicable act off terrorism, these people need to be dealt with. Apparently the scum  that did this spoke with an English accent, that makes it even worse, I have felt for sometime that we have been breeding scum like this over here. It makes me sick.

    terryfossil 1

    Yeah mate,they fly under the radar,,the majority seem to want to fit in,,but then everything they do is to be different from the majority around them,,,

    They are the most dangerous terrorists the world has seen as yet, we in the west need to combine to rid the world of them.

    I don’t understand. What was the point? As an American, I’ve learned my lesson but what it is is beyond me……...


    They are more evil than any in the past Julie, they need to be stopped.

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