demonstrate how to support others to promote equality and rights

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    We support others by standing up for what is right when we find ourselves in bad an 'unequal' situations.  Situations like this could involve being on a hiring committee . . . consider minorities.  If you see someone  abusing a small child, say hello to the mom or dad. Start a conversation. Maybe you could get the parent in a better mood, just by saying hello. Plus it helps the child see, 'somebody sees this, somebody is interveining, somebody is helping me, i'm not alone'.  when your friends bully someone, send a message that you do not agree. What support boils down to is having courage to stand up when  you see or hear bad behavior from other.  Be an example,  good example.  Also join a diversity committee at your job, which gives you positive voice, that's what I did.  Last point, enjoy your quest for equal rights and love others even if they have a different point of view from yours. 

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