I got a reply from the administration! All is not loss…….

    Hi Julie,

    What do you mean by 'posting an avatar'? If it's a bug we missed we'll be more than happy to fix it.


    The AkaQA team.

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    Good work Julie!

    I got a response from them about the new format as well.  My email expressed what I did not like and why.   

    Hi Phyllis,


    We're sorry to hear you don't like the new design.


    Regarding the points, votes etc. - it's all there. Simply hover your profile picture in the top menu and you'll see them.


    Regarding your question about us not doing anything to encourage our loyal members to stick around:

    a) You've been asking for a new design, so we've made one for you.

    b) We divided the new design to a few versions to make the transition as easy as possible, while giving the possibility to send us feedback as we go along.

    c) We ran the new design in along with the old site to hear your feedback and remarks before we finalize this version.


    I'll be happy to hear from you if you have any other suggestions or ideas.


    Thank you,

    The AkaQA team.


    Note everything is written in plural (we, us) until the very last sentence. "I'll be happy....."   and then signed by the "team".  

    If all isn't lost, it's really getting harder to FIND!


    I thought that I must have missed something. I have never seen "a new design request" on this forum, anywhere, ever. I've only seen complaints lately, about a lack of new questions and in the past, many complaints (plenty of them) about some nasty, rude confrontations.

    I have never asked for a new design. MY communication with the akaQA team has been about issues with a couple of other members. I began receiving replies from one of the moderators months ago; this is the first from the akaQA "team" in quite awhile.

    No one has ever asked for my thoughts about the old design or the new design. I agree there should have been a "Question" for us and the opportunity to view the proposed site and offer a "vote". I think the response I got was a lot of hooey.
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    Smoke and mirrors

    New design? That statement really threw me. Who was truly involved in the decision?

    "The AkaQA team"...odd, since this is akaQA. Gotta wonder who's pulling the strings.
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    Not us Bob..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<

    Hi everyone,

    Seems like most of you are complaining about the AkaQA team not asking for your opinion on the new design.. Please see the following thread:

    Just an FYI, this has been posted about 2 minutes after the new version went live.

    Something smells rotten in the State of Denmark
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    Ditto MCM

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