Question for Romos..........Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster ? Have you ever known anyone that has seen the creature ?

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    country bumpkin

    It's 3:30 AM in Scotland so he won't see this tonight MCM. I'll make sure he knows you asked him a question.

    I think there is another one called Loch ROMOS Monster. He wanders around making people laugh!

    CB, you must be a night person. So am I :-)
    Thx for letting him know about my question . By the way , I learned in a movie last night that Alexander Graham Bell was from Scotland !
    country bumpkin

    I've been a night owl for as long as I can remember MCM.

    The television was invented by a Scotsman and Penicillin was discovered by a Scotsman. (I thought you may find this interesting)
    Loch ROMOS Monster! He certainly makes me laugh, but it's usually at him not with him. Just Kidding!

    6 Answers

    I've never seen it Juliana nor do I believe in it, I have been there a few times (not looking for Nessie, but on holiday nearby) it certainly is a beautiful part of Scotland, foreign tourists have a great time looking for the monster especially Americans (you'll believe in anything, LOL) in the end it's a great wee story that is good for the Scottish economy, if you ever get the chance to visit, BEWARE of the MIDGES!

    Grit Savage

    Midges, how i don't miss them at all, not one little bit. ;-)

    thanks for answering, Romeos. I've been looking for this question for a month or two. I couldn't find it.
    Your comment about MIDGES now invokes a whole ' nother question........What are MIDGES ? I'll put that formally on akaQA

    Probably not after the first bottle of scotch, but i have no idea what he would see after the second bottle,,,pink pigs flying by,Nessie,cows jumping over the moon,,,you name it,,all the best MCM,,i am leaving now before Romos sobers up....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    My father was a firm believer in Nessie AFTER his first bottle of Scotch.
    terryfossil 1

    Could not handle his booze hey Tom..........

    Sadly No
    terryfossil 1

    In my drinking days Don,i would crash out drunk,wake up in the middle of the night,scull a half a bottle of plonk,then go back to sleep,,wake up in the morning and knock over the other half,then go walkabout looking for more to get through the day,,but i would not call it an exciting life..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<

    My father could drink a whole bottle easily.He was a BIG man.He didn't handle it well tho.An aggressive & abusive drunk.

    I have been to Loch Ness, the water is bl**dy cold , i doubt any thing could live in it, i did see Nessie --- in the souvenir shop. :)


    The water in the great lakes is icy cold too, untill late August.

    I’ve never seen Scotland but I don’t doubt the creature’s presence…….


    I'm open too to something that's different and of unknown quality .

    I have spent rather a long time in the loch ness hotel bar on a number of occasions, I saw lots of strange things ;-)

    well my understanding is that over 75% of the world's oceans have not been righteously explored. Leading scientist to suggest anything and anybody could be lurking beneath our beloved seas. Many people say they have seen it. I believe them. Many believe we have ufo bases in the deep waters near Los Angeles, Califonia, called use's.  I believe it.  I've had people tell me they saw small alien beings on the ground. A social worker, a friend, and another lady i met.  I believe them. That's why i don't like nighttime swimming. no telling what or who might want to join you.

    terryfossil 1

    I believe you believe too much Tabber..there is an old saying Tabber, Believe only half you see, and none you hear,think about it,its pretty good advice..>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    terry fossil 1, you're right, and i love that advice. i guess what i'm saying is that if thousands of people say they saw something with their human eyes, why should we think that many people are joking. but terry, i have been saying since i was 21 years old, we don't believe anything until it's on the six o'clock news.

    Tabber, you can't go skinny dipping, if you don't swim at night ;-)

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