are you right or left handed or ambidextrous..>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    Ambidextrous to some extent.I'm a natural lefty but I was forced to use my right when I started school.They used to wrap my left hand up in a towel.

    terryfossil 1

    Hey Tom,as a young fella working in the bush,i found i had a natural ability to swing an axe and brush hook with both hands,in boxing i fought orthodox,but i could slip into two hands,it was a lot harder for a southpaw or orthodox to defend against..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<

    I always fought South Paw.So wrapping my left in a towel didn't work 100%.

    Tommy, It's terrible the way they treated kids years ago who were left handed. My g.friend's dad said the nuns would hit his wrist with a ruler if he used his left hand. They should have been smart enough to know that some people are left handed and some people are right handed.

    Julie..It all stemmed from the fact that they simply didn't know how to teach a left handed kid.
    I have come across this repeatedly in life.Football coaches who couldn't show kids how to kick with their left foot.
    Boxing coaches who couldn't teach south paws.
    I think things have changed nowadays.There doesn't seem to be the same stigma attached to left-handedness.

    Girls in school had the same problem with learning to knit and sew, etc.

    Tommy, I think you're right. Teachers are more enlightened about it now. When I went to college, when I was over 30---one of the professors was teaching the class how to direct a band ....both with your left hand and how to with your right hand. You do the opposite for both . And another education professor, was showing us how a left handed person will also look thru a telescope or microscope with their left eye; and he'll kick with his left foot. ........and vice versa for a R handed person.



    Lets think about it ,??Iwill tell you tommorow,

    Yes how did you guess,??

    She had a 50/ 50 chance of being right ( no pun intended )
    country bumpkin

    Tee hee hee!

    I'm right handed but sometimes unconsciously do things with my left hand....sweep the floor, empty liquid from a container, etc. I usually don't realize that I've done that, until someone  else notices and asks "Are you left handed"?


    I Once cut my hand quite badly with a sythe,a few years ago,then i become lefthanded for quite a few months,


    me too, Ducky . I'm right handed, but hold my fork in my left hand, and my knife in my right hand when using them together.---and thus, eat off the fork with my left hand .
    I deal cards with my left and play them out with my left. Never noticed I did that till my brothers wife noticed that he did that years ago. And like Ducky, I sometimes sweep or vacuum with my left, or change off. Ditto for leaf blowing and raking.

    I'm a righty!

    Like Norm Duke, one of the best PBA bowlers around, and a seriously funny and nice guy....only 5'2" and 135 pounds (him, not me)....we are both RIGHT-HANDED



    "Him not me"..... lol

    Left handed.   Add Barack Obama to the list.


    Bill Clinton is L handed too.

    Isn't there some old wives' tale about not trusting someone who is left-handed? Maybe not ALL lefties, but BO and BC sure would fit the warning.

    I think that people used to say that about lefties because I went to school with lefties who were teased about it all the time. Of course, they were also forced to use their right hand instead. How awful to have to go through that. :(

    I can't imagine not allowing a person to develop their natural "dominant" hand. I practice writing and eating left-handed, tried batting left-handed, and would learn to bowl left if I had a ball drilled for would have to be about 10 pounds, though.

    i'm right. on some things ambidex. sometimes i try to use left cause they say it's good for our brain  to switch hands for some things.

    I’m right handed. Can’t even write my name with my left hand. Can’t stir, can’t brush my teeth, can’t wipe with my left……….


    can't wipe what ? hee hee :-D

    A car windshield………..


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