Question for women; and men can answer too, if they wish. My mother used to say a woman like to cook or clean, but no woman likes to do both. Would you rather cook or clean ?

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    I like to cook and especially since I went gluten-free and dairy-free, two years ago. Nothing is more satisfying than having a guest for a meal who then expresses great surprise that they have just eaten a GF/DF meal and it was delicious! (They expected a dish that would taste like sawdust.) A request for the recipe is the biggest payoff for me....and it's a common occurrence.


    Are you sure they're not just being polite?

    No one is polite to me digger. lol

    especially Digger. Hahahah

     It's been a delight cooking for Roy this past year because I've made several dishes he's never eaten.

    Chicken fried steak was one of the first meals I prepared for him and it's become one of his favorites. He had never heard of round steak nor had country gravy before I made chicken fried steak.

    Gumbo is another dish Roy had not heard of nor eaten before I made some for him and he loves it. He says he can eat it every day.  His son is coming over for dinner (tea) Monday and I'm serving gumbo. I'm sure he's probably never had it before either.


    Tell Roy half of us Americans have never eaten chicken-fried steak either; or gumbo, or country gravy - - - b/c it's southern cooking. I thought they only ate gumbo in Louisiana, but you're from Texas, aren't you, CB ? The only gumbo I ever ate was out of a Campbells soup can. It was good, tho' .
    country bumpkin

    I guess the point I was trying to make with my answer is that there are a lot of foods people in the USA eat that people in the UK don't eat whether it's deemed as southern food or not. Haggis is a very popular food item in the UK (at least in Scotland), but most people in the USA have never heard of it.
    I was born and raised in Texas, but I lived only a few hours from the Louisiana border so Cajun food is quite popular in the Eastern part of Texas and so is Mexican food. My ex husband worked with several people who were originally from Louisiana so I was exposed to a lot of Cajun food. I love Crawfish boils too. (*~*)

    I like to cook, clean, yard work, gardening, take care of my chickens, and so much more. I would like to clone myself so I could get more done. So, I think I'll take a nap now.   



    Robert, that's what my late husb did. He had the energy of 5 men. He did all of the above and more........except for the chickens. And he cleaned both our cars inside and outside, every week !!

    Yep, some men just go of it, and then one day we start pushing up daisies. No big deal to me. I don't ignore health problems...I work diligently for good health and do whatever I can too.

    move in here, Robert . I could use you . hahahah

    I rather cook. The kids can do the cleaning.


    That's what kids are for. I've had more than one friend who made her kids clean. It's good for them anyway.

    Cooking is more fun. I  enjoy watching cooking contests and wish I was as creative as the people I watch

    I do both, but who likes to clean up after cooking?  Not many do...  I am a professional eater, however...


    That's why I don't cook much. I don't want to spend my whole evening cooking and cleaning up just for one person .I like to cook when I have someone to cook for.

    @mcm...Ever invite someone for a meal? There is never a shortage of available "eaters"!

    Both. I'm quite house proud so I am pretty much efficient in all areas concerning my home.If I had to choose out of cooking or cleaning I would go with the cleaning, cleaning does not get done by itself where as you can go out and have a meal cooked for you.


    Hi P. L. Glad you're back :-)

    good answer, P L

    I'll shose cleaning over cooking cause my wife want to do all the food arrangement she only ask me for instruction. And we cant decide what to eat we'll go to a restaurant.

    Well, I got an answer to my intriguing survey.........that most women would rather cook  than clean.But. I'm sure there's some women out there that don't like to cook, so if they had their druthers, they'd clean.


    Really mcm? Four women have answered so far (chelleane, Bob, CB and myself) and four women said COOK.

    LOL... I'll cook too! ;)

    Five for five.

    I fixed it. b/c I meant to say most women who answered this informal survey said they'd rather cook than clean.I just got my words transposed.

    KO. :)

    KO means Knock Out

    Really? Here I thought we were talking in the language of "transposition". I guess you didn't get it. :(

    I like to clean in my own unique way. I like my husband to second cook with me.


    He and I made a HUGE Lasagne. It was full of spinach and parsley.It was horrible. I was so proud that I was actually doing it. I envisioned giving part of it to my daughter for her to enjoy with her family. No way, Jose. Parseley turns black after baking. Yucko.

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