Can I put pics on Facebook using just an old film camera. Or, do I have to have a digital camera ?

    I had a digital camera several years ago, but one of my friends lost the manual for me. I never used the camera. Now, they say they don't make the cards any more for that brand , model, and year of camera.  :- \

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    You need to get the picture loaded onto the computer. This means scanning the picture into your computer. Then you will be able to post it to FB from your pictures folder. As for the digital camera, as far as I know, they have always used SD cards and those are still available. 


    ok. so i should get the pics developed first, huh ? There's some cute, sweet pics of my 3rd cat, Willow, in there. I'll have to buy a scanner. So, that's how all these people are putting pics on here. and on FB .....with a scanner.

    You could have the place you get the pictures developed at put them on an SD card for you. It costs a little extra but it's cheaper than buying a scanner.

    I scan pictures to get them onto FB and the plain old computer…….

    Have you still got your old brownie box camera then m/c/m??


    Wow, I remember those. My grandmother gave me one when I was a kid. :)

    Nope. My mom surreptitiously got rid of our childhood things like that and our comic books >:-|

    My aunt gave my bro one of those. He got all the good stuff that I wanted. She gave him a Jerry Mahoney dummie, and a guitar, etc.

    Don't worry about that when I would start inventing I would help you with that. For now you have to find ita ablea able

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