Is Russia to blame, or are they just sleeping with Ukraine rebel dogs,if you lay down with dogs,you get fleas,,,

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    I think Putin's own words about the shooting down of the plane says it all. (I assume that is what caused you to ask this question). Whether it was Russian military or separatists who fired the missile, Putin is to blame.  I can not blame every Russian and say that Russia is to blame. 

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    Dunno Colleen,i think all he did was give them the rockets,but if not him ,it would have been somebody else,every country sells weapons...

    This is what I'm going by. How do his words sound to you?
    BREAKING: Putin says airplane disaster would not have happened if Kiev had not renewed military operation against rebels in east Ukraine
    — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) July 17, 2014
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    Hey Colleen,thank you for the link,we have already had on our tv,who has shot down civilian planes,however our paper this morning,19-7-2014..11.06 am,,says the Ukraine has the black boxes,,and yes you are right,i also do not blame Russian people,Wars are started by leaders and ended by leaders..Always nice talking Colleen....

    Tonight's news now says the black boxes have not been found but because the plane went down in a war zone, no one has been allowed to search the crash site for them. The "rebels" aren't even allowing anyone in to remove the bodies. Sad situation.
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    our news this morning, showed video of u.n. officials at the crash site,but were told to leave by rebels,but i have not heard anything about the Ukraine army having any involvement as of yet,i would have thought they would have been front and centre,if they want help from the rest of the world,as their problem has now become world wide,Always nice talking Colleen..>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    may putin is the blame and he is nobody to just mess with. he's a fighter and a warrior. saying that we need to find a peaceful to get this settled.  too many people are already being killed and maimed in those wars over seas.

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