Department of family and children services, custody election

    I have been trying to find the answer to this question all over Google, but all that seems to come up is "In the state of Georgia a child over 14 years old can have a custody election" which I already knew
    My question is If a child who resides in the state of Georgia and is over 14 years old has been taken from his/her parent(s) and placed in "Relative Placement" and the relatives having no custody or guardianship, with the department of family and children services having charge of the child's life can the child still have a custody election? 
    There are court dates that take place keeping check on the parent(s) as well as relatives. It has been asked by the department (and postponed by the judge to see how parent(s) do) for the relatives to get full custody. 
    Could the child over 14 have a say in whether or not s/he wants to stay with his/her relatives in this situation? If so, how would s/he go about it? 

    *let it be noted that the relatives are a wonderful home for the child

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    You've probably seen most of the info here...

    But the best I or mostly anyone on this site could advise you to do is contact an attorney with the relevant experience in this matter.

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