I loved reading the comic books featuring Archie and his friends, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica.  This article is from 4/2014.  

    Is this really what you would have expected?  Any opinions??

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    I find it sad that anything produced to appeal to children, whether it's TV shows, movies or comic books, must now have an adult theme. We force children to grow up and do it quickly. No wonder kids are unaware of what it means to "go outside and play".


    They created an adult version comic for adults, Life with Archie. It deals with deeper issues and grown up issues. The children's comic continues on with teen Archie and friends doing their teen stuff in Riverdale.

    NO WAY!!! I thought he would live forever. Give my regards to Veronica,Jughead & the rest of the gang.

    I loved those comics when I was a kid.


    Funny isn't it tho? The subject of one of Archie's friends being gay would never have been mentioned in one of the old time comics when we were kids.Life was all about being teenagers,having fun & solving the little problems.My how things have changed.

    It sure has.

    Thanks a lot, Bob. Really makes my morning. Can’t wait to tell James. Why kill him off, though? Did the artist get tired of drawing freckles? (Archie did have freckles, didn’t he?)…….


    It won’t actually be the teenage Archie, star of thousands of all-ages humor stories, that will die. It’ll be his adult counterpart from the publisher’s future-forward, more mature-oriented series Life with Archie, which depicts Riverdale High’s most famous alumnus later in his life, in two parallel storylines – one in which he married Betty, and one in which he married Veronica.
    You're welcome.

    There must be two Archie Andrews, because the one I remember was a ventriloquist's dummy who had a radio programme called Educating Archie. Yes, a radio prog featuring a ventriloquist and his operator Peter Brough, a bizarre combination which we in the 1950's and 60's did not find odd.


    If you have time to check the link...

    Yes there are apparently two Archie Andrews, (or were).An example of convergent evolution perhaps?

    I think the British Archie is alive and well and living in a nice vent museum somewhere.

    I totally remember those radio shows because my Dad was a DJ in the 50-60s and he would play the re-runs ... wow... great memory! ;)

    That is the one i know of norm,with Peter Brough,with his hand up his back,moving him,Radio then T/V,

    Glad I'm not the only one to remember the British Archie, I was worried that everyone else was too young to have known about him.

    Not this Archie!


    But THIS Archie!!!!



    Its the first one i remeber ,Miss Lindy,

    Just the Archie from that particular alternate universe. Archie the teen lives on in the universe we grew up with. There are many different Archie stories that have been created. He's different ages and living different lives, depending on the universe. In one, he's married to Veronica, in another he's married to Betty and has kids. In this particular universe he gets killed. There are many other Archie stories that he lives on through. Marvel is showing their political side with this one. 


    Bingo! I saw this as propagandist horse tookies because it reminded me of all of those beautiful young people that died in that VN conflict and how the media pushed it all as heroism when it was what it was.. they make it seem okay to die 'for a reason' ... in this issue he becomes a hero... albeit likely reluctant hero ... poor Archie.. my earliest memory was in 1960 when I got lost down the outhouse hole and all I could manage was to pull down the Archie comic that was Dad's restroom reading! When he found me hours later I was covered in moo with little bits of Archie and Betty and Jughead stuck all over me.... Gods what a life!! xox

    I'm really hoping the story you just told is from an alternate universe and it was another you who lived it, lol

    Lmao! Yes [she said suspiciously] this was in a past life! hahahaha!

    I used to love those Archie and Veronica comic books. I loved the Disney comic books too......and the Warner Bros ones. If my mom wouldn't have gotten rid of our stack of them, we could have raked in a lot of money for them now. but, who knew they'd be a collectors item .


    There's a huge used books barn in Coombs B.C. that sells them for 75 cents each! I'll betcha the price just went way up! ;)

    I have a Dennis the Menace comic book from the 1960's and a couple of MAD Magazines from the same era. It is hard to believe those dime and quarter rags are worth a small fortune.

    Protect them in ziplock bags and out of the sun!

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