Is it legal to offer a real-estate agent a bribe for a lower property cost?

    The property is on the market for $200,000.00 USD. The agent will call their client for $190k which is just a 5% drop. I would like to buy at $150k, but there is no interest there. So is it legal to offer the agent a 3 month vacation to a family villa in Paris to get the price down?    

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    A bribe is a bribe,and we all know it is not legal,,you are asking "when is a bribe not a bribe "

    Read on RG...

    Or here...

    100% immoral AND illegal.

    But like most other laws, if you don't get caught breaking them, there are no legal consequences.

    Sleep well...if you can. 


    I would take the three months in Paris and leave the rest hanging in the wind.

    If you're THAT fixated on visiting France, ask nomdeplume to put you and your family up for a few months. You may even meet itsmee when you're over there.

    Nomdeplume can do better than that he sell a beautiful house in France for a mere €145,000 ($190,000)

    Robert, if you hire me as your R.E. Agent, I will sweet-talk nomdeplume into accepting $100K...for a bribe that is commensurate with my immoral efforts.
    Since I don't believe in the existence of Hell, I'm fine with this arrangement.

    You often answer with a definition.   Have you looked up the word "BRIBE"?  

    Put yourself in the shoes of the seller.  Put yourself next in the shoes of the agent.  

    What is the RIGHT thing to do?   Your general attitude is of benevolence and peacefulness and goodness.  How does offering a bribe coincide with that?

    Offer the $150,000, if that's what you think is the fair market value.


    We are not lawyers, maybe you should ask one.  I think that the answer will be close to what we have provided.  And it is a good way to put you out of the running for the negotiations for good, as they will distance themselves from this shady deal as they cannot deal this way. 

    yes it is a legal


    In what country?

    The Banana Socialist Republic.

    I think Streetj means ILLEGAL.

    Not legal.

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