Maybe if we all asked more intelligent questions we would attract people who would give us more intelligent answers?

    Wonder why soo many people are getting stupid answers? Maybe it's because there are so many people asking stupid questions that most of the people attracted to this site are well....... Let's all attract the kind of people that can be helpful. Or at least ask questions that make us all think. Sorry, I guess this wasn't a question. :o)

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    There's a lot of kids here, they're bouncing off the walls. Sometimes they ask really intelligent questions and then we get the Justin Bieber questions. Some I will ignore but then some of these silly questions are not so silly to those asking, so a benefit of doubt goes a long way... Lots of kids doing homework here too, I kinda like it because I pick up tidbits of info I had forgotten years ago.. Or never knew in the first place.

    As far as the adults asking some of these outrageously - stupid questions? I usually ignore em but if its really stupid and annoying, I will shame them..

    i'm not a fan of bieber but he sure knows how to make it big in a business where many others fail.
    i like it when you said, "some of these silly questions are not so silly to those asking." thumbs up, vinny.
    I think what I just asked is an intelligent question :)
    down below
    The oddest questions develop into debates and they can be fascinating. Ask something you really want to know and it can be ignored... sometimes, not often. That doesn't make it a stupid question: just one of limited interest.

    Sometimes people's first questions can seem dull. If you happen to know the answer... and none of us are experts in everything... and you give it, you never know if it was even read. Another time the person will work out how to respond and comment.

    If the site has a fault it is leaving newcomers baffled by the things we take for granted. How to comment on a question... answer a question... mark up a question, and the adverse effect of getting carried away by a good answer and giving it the thumbs up twice.

    I notice Grandma in CA has asked quite a few question. I shall go and see if they are intelligent... but that will only be my point of view: one among hundreds.

    Otherwise, I'm with Vinny.
    Grandma in CA

    Sounds fair suliz. My first question was a joke to "test" the website out. But along with intelligent questions, just asking a question that sparks debate so we can see other peoples views on things & also their input is good too. I like answering the family & relationship questions because I'm hoping I can help someone who otherwise doesn't have anyone to confide in.

    I know. I did check you out :-) I'm sure too many people have no one to confide in, so if we're here...
    Grandma in CA

    That's ok too, I would just like more of the questions that are pertinent to our lives today, maybe 3/4 of that & 1/4 of silliness. After all, the silliness doesn't benefit everyone like the other stuff does.
    Now where is your intelligent answer? waiting ....

    Me too :-)
    I was only trying to be funny - sorry I spoke :(
    I agree, there are a lot of questions on here where the nonsense of the title puts me off even reading the actual post. Perhaps we should have some fun and start putting titles that bear no resemblance to the actual question so more people read it. And yes I agree there aren't enough intelligent questions - but who cares, like bulletman said it's just a bit of fun :)
    Grandma in CA

    This is an example of what I mean Suliz
    Ok how about this?....
    Because people who are intelligent enough to ask intelligent questions or give intelligent answers are too busy having a life to be on here!

    Lmao. I have a life. But now i have a three week holiday from Uni, i answer questions here just out of boredom from my studies. i'm finishing my mechatronics engineering course in two years, does that make me an intelligent person. Nope, were all learning, were all intelligent in some ways. i think it's insulting to call someone intelligent and another not. it's stupid in other words :) so see i do have a life ;)
    Grandma in CA

    I don't agree lellynelly. I like to think I am relatively intelligent. I am retired & like to break away from spending money on Ebay so it is a nice diversion. I look at this site as a chance to possibly help someone with a problem (especially the family & relationship questions) that wouldn't otherwise have someone to talk to or just doesn't have someone they trust enough or feel can give them a good answer. Plus our answers are removed & unbiased which can help with these types of matters.

    you have no idea why i love this board. i have good reasons and i think there are some other bright people who are attracted to the wide rage of questions and answers.
    i don't think you said anything intelligent, lellynelly.

    I was only joking - no sense of humour some people! :(

    don't worry lellynelly, we joke too ;) sorry if we seemed to be attacking you :S

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