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    We Aussies must be becoming a compassionate mob,did anybody see the rescue of the beached whale on the Gold Coast, 5 attempts to put a snatch strap on it and pull it out to deeper water by boat,it was pretty buggered, but it was nice to see it slowly head itself out to sea,,i think it took nearly 36 hours to get it out there,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    Happens around my area quite a lot, sadly they usually die before they can get them back to sea, nobody seems to know why they beach themselves.

    Mass Beaching of Pilot WhalesWhales become beached or stranded for a number of reasons. Beaching or stranding is when a whale becomes stuck on a beach or sand bar and is unable to move. Often the help of humans is futile because the mammal has already suffered severe damage due to being out of the water for a length of time.

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