Are all real estate agents liars?

    I've had a couple of negative experiences.How about you?

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    Can you paint an entire profession with the same brush?


    Of course not! Is EVERY business person a crook?

    Is EVERY pastor dishonest?

    Is EVERY electrician using inflated rates?

    Does EVERY office employee steal supplies?

    Is EVERY auto mechanic ripping you off?

    Is EVERY lawyer a weasel?

    Is EVERY accountant a cheater?

    I've had some bad experiences with various people in all walks of life and many different professions but I can't say that it has made me believe that "they" are ALL the same.




    Good answer! Thank you!

    I agree with you,Ducky...except for lawyers and accountants.

    @digger...So um, you were an accountant first and then became a lawyer? :)

    No, not every real estate agent or broker is a liar.  There is a strict code of ethics which they must adhere to, at a cost of their license and reputation should they be found guilty of misrepresentation. Most adhere; they aren't car salesmen, the managers of whom are the scum of the earth. 

    Many have a lack of integrity, which you will find anywhere you go. Real estate lies are easy to prove if you keep track and records of everything, which you should in a deal as big as real estate. Agents are under an obligation to disclose.  Deals can end up in court, with the agent/realtor in a bad situation, if dishonesty becomes apparent. 

    As far as who represents who, MOST often, there is a buyer's agent and a seller's agent. If one agent represents BOTH, a disclaimer must be signed by the buyer, acknowledging the agent's first loyalty is to his first client (the seller). 


    A friend of mine is the sales manager of a large car dealership here. He is one of the most honest, kind, personable men that I know in the business world. After almost 40 years in the car selling business, I have never heard one bad word about him nor any of his business dealings. I HAVE heard about him firing a person(s) for dishonesty.

    My opinion of Real eatate agents has not been formed from a buyers point of view.Over the years I have done contract repair work on various houses & apartments for various r/e agents & ironically I have always had trouble being Paid.They always seem to have a plan or a scheme to avoid paying.
    As for buying & selling,we don't have dual agents here YET.But even when I have sold investment houses thru an agent there has alwys been a catch.I should point out that the average agents fee in this area is about $15K.It's a lot of money & they rarely want to give the service that this amount warrants.

    @Tommy...Those agents who didn't pay you, probably didn't pay a lot of others. The fault is with people who just don't seem to think it's important to pay their bills. "The check is in the mail" is no joke in the world of business. Then, when you finally do receive it, it bounces! Believe me Tommy, they are everywhere and not just in real estate. grrr.

    It's interesting to learn how things work in other places. Here, a contractor is paid a percentage up front and percentages as work is completed.
    Real estate deals generally cost 6% of the sales price. A property here would have to sell for $250,000 to earn that commission. If there are two agencies and two agents representing the buyers and sellers, they split the commission 4 ways, each getting 1 1/2%. YOUR agents get a good deal of money for their efforts!

    Bob/PKB..They get 5% of the first $18K & then 2.5% on the remainder if my memory serves me.The average price of a house around here is around a half Mil.You do the math.:)

    Right around $13000. Not a bad day's pay. An agent here would get about $7500 for a 1/2 mil

    Yep! It's good work if you can get it.The thing is they want you to pay for advertising on top of that & if the house doesn't sell within about a fortnight they start pressuring you to drop the price significantly.

    It is an expensive job to have. When I took classes last winter, one of the points stressed repeatedly was having the money for six-months' worth of projected expenses socked away, just in case you got off to a slow start. You are considered self-employed or an independent contractor here, so there are no benefits, either.

    Exactly the same system as here Phyl.

    Having studied RE with a leading agency here, I'm inclined to take the test and become an agent...even one sale or listing per month would be a good income for me.

    Go for it Phyl.I'm sure you will do the right thing.It could be a rewarding job.

    Wow! I've just been looking at Fresno Real Estate.Prices are so low! It would be a great market to get into.I might even consider an investment there myself.(Just kidding).

    If you change your mind (after I get my license), come over and we'll see what we can do for you!
    How are you doing, health-wise (if it's not to much prying)

    No that's not prying.Thank you for asking.Pretty good at the moment.I'm just about off the smokes.Another week & they'll be history.(I hope).Maggie's doing well too.
    I s'pose you are looking forward to Julie's arrival.Have fun with her.I think it's great you two are meeting up.

    I think your meeting up is great too. How exciting!!!

    Tom, that is good to hear.
    and Ducky, Thanks you two. I'm looking forward to it, andtoo. It should be a good Time. We have fun plans. Just talking will be good.

    Right up there with car salesmen,,the problem is ,who does he work for ,the seller or the the buyer,,,,


    terryfossil I think he's trying to work for both. He wants to please us, the consumer, but he also wants his boss and his pay check to be happy.

    - - - -and lawyers and politicians. That's like asking, " Is Bill Clinton a liar ? "

    My mom was the second woman broker in the state of Texas. She was as honest as the day is long. But truths can be stretched or simply not mentioned, all is fair in etc…….


    No. Just the ones who try to sell oceanfront property in Alice Springs.


    Moving Tommyh's reply to where it goes:

    "How did you know I bought that place?"
    terryfossil 1

    Tom, i know you bought in Alice Springs,,because i was at the same Auction,,i bought The Sydney Harbour Bridge..>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    I love sales people, but I have seen sales people in several areas tell lies. One thing I don't like about advertising in general is that they can tell a little white lie to pull you in. Advertisers trick us all the time. Even coupons.  Often when you go to cash in a coupon, there's small print that you can't read.  Anyway lying seems to pay off in some areas of society.  Sales people might be the tip of an iceberg. 




    I know right? LOL

    What is this persons motive and intension. If you understand this, everyone about you are easier to read than a newspaper. Another question is, where is their energy? Understanding your own energy gives you insight into far more than you can possibly imagine about everything else.     

    Selling real estate has to do with contracts. Read the contract totally and always do your due diligence before entering into any contract. I always have my lawyer look over every contract I sign.

    Real-estate agents are representatives of the property owners. They have a binding contract to represent the owners in the sale of property. The agent works to advertise and sell property for a fee to cover their cost and their income.

    As the representative is contracted under state law, they are libel when and if they abuse the privileges in their contract. Before you buy or sell a house it is worth your time to study the law in your state.  

    Ironically sales is one of the easiest jobs to land but one of the most difficult to master.  I am in direct sales.  I will not lie to my customer, I do not need to.  When you have a great product, a good salesperson will be able to sell it on its own merits, a bad salesperson will choose to tear down competition's product rather than focus on their own. 

    I have a selling theory:

    person comes in---because you have what they want

    find out what it is... then convince them that they are right

    Close the deal..  all done.

    If lies are presented along the way then go shop elsewhere  ALSO!! and very important, something you never hear is


    And you can believe this!!  It is true, they will tell lies about prices they have seen elsewhere, they will lie about trade ins, they will find many reasons to lie to a sales person to reach an agreement.  so in a selling buying environment, its been the same since the beginning of time and bartering. Just do your homework before you go shopping.  Just remember though, the salesperson is just trying to do their job and its not always their fault, they are under high stress from upper management.  This is why not many survive as profitable salespeople.  I have been lucky, I am in my 30th year and I have done well and have never lied to a customer. Although, I can also say that I have had customers that mis-understood what I have said, this is why today everything promised is on the invoice.


    So, you and I agree on this one? :)

    Probably not but I wont pursue it. :)

    Guess you missed my answer which was posted first? BTW, how come you're so grouchy today?

    Because I just wasted 2.5 hours of my time with a customer that says they will write a check then at last minute after doing all the paperwork decides to finance. So, I spend another 45 minutes preparing security agreement contract, and submitting credit app. Only to find out they are turned down for filing bankruptcy 2 years ago. I'm grouchy because she knew she wasn't going to be approved! So I asked if she wanted to write the check, she says no, I can't afford it right now. And that's why i am grouchy. Kinda falls right in with what I said up there-- Buyers are Liars-- ALSO! In this period of time, I lost three 'ups' (customers) because I was busy, my co-worker closed two of them. so, my customer basically took money right out of my pocket with her wasting my time. And that's that!

    Been there...done that...many times. I've been in both direct sales and also retail sales. Still and regardless, loved it.

    I hope you're still playing music Vin .... I don't think I could do what you do bro [ sales ]... wow! ;) u 2 Duckers!

    Lindilou, Yeah, I still play music! Everyday and night! It's the only thing that keeps me sane in these situations. :)

    Good!!! Bless you !!!

    Ducky's friend:  ""


    Nice sports car. :)

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