My new electric lawm mower calls for a cord that is 12 guage. What would happen if I use my cord that is 14 guage ? Would it blow the lawn mower, or the cord, or a fuse ?

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    thank you everyone, for your help. I'll get back to you on this soon.

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    All that would change is the amount of pull on your engine. Should have little effect at those gauges. You won’t blow up anything, it may not start right away but you’ll have nothing to worry about…….




    Pull on the engine? Do you mean power to the engine? Or draw on the electricity from it's source to the mowers engine?

    No, you will just get a little less power to the engine since 14 gauge is for low draw electricity. Get the 12 gauge to get the proper power draw for the mower.


    A 14 gauge wire will not operate mower properly. The motor will get hot with use and can damage the motor. A 10 gauge power cord is what I have used to operate a power saw on a construction site. The mower is rated for what a 12 gauge line can provide over a specified length of power cord. Stay with the manufacturers recommendations.

    I checked with the professionals. The said it would just give less power. I can not see how less power would make the engine too hot. Seems to me, more power like a 10 gauge would make the engine too hot.

    A motors is designed to operate at a specific speed and torque. Fan blades on the shaft of the armature circulate air so the motor will not over heat at its rated speed. The more the motor has to work the slower it runs and the longer each field winding is fully energized drawing maximum current and heating the metals in the motor. Normally the motor that is subjected to long periods of work (slowing the motor) heat-up. If the available current is less than expected norms, heating occurs because the motor is running slower, and the fan is not moving enough air to keep it cool. If you use a power cord on an electrical mower that is less than the manufacturers specifications ...and the motor burns-out while the warranty or insurance are valid, the warranty will be voided because you did not follow their instructions.

    I know enough about electrical motors and generators to design them and my Dad ran his electric mower on an under-rated wire like yours and it overheated and the warranty was voided. You are welcome to follow that path if you need the life lesson.

    OK, that makes sense. Thanks.

    A heaverer gauge of cable would not do any harm M/C/M it has a larger {C/S/A} cross sectional area,the length and csa of the cable decide what cable size that is safe for the job required,

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    Hey Hec,i think i said pretty much the same thing,although you use the word gauge ,i use the word amps,by the way,is the 14 gauge carry more amps than a 10 gauge,,,catch you later mate....

    Hey MCM,,I am a bit confused,,JH put up a photo of a petrol mower, and i think you are talking about a power cable,,In Aussie we call a power cable a 10 amp or a 15 amp,,in other words if you have a 15 meter distance for your power cable,it would be better to run the bigger amperage cable of 15 amp..i think what you call gauge ,,we call amps,,,,if you use too low a amperage  cable over a long distance, then you could heat things up..i hope i have been of some help,let me know how it goes..????????


    you are correct Terry,the overhaul aspect is the resistance of the cable,I,E,the length of the cable, temperture in the circumstances in which all factors are involed,and in all cases a residual circuit breaker is use in the circuit concerned,to provent overload occuring,
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Hec, i know,i once used a 10 amp power cable on my welder,the wire inside the plastic cable melted right through the plastic cable,,i have to admit the welder was stuffed..Always nice talking Hec..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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