Its only Words and Words are all i have to give ,

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    I Must have played this about 6 times Ted ,if others do not belive your woards what else is there,??

    I know what you mean Dougal!

    Little Brother Andy Gibb Following In His Big Brothers Foot Steps.


    Thanks C/B,very nice,
    country bumpkin

    You're welcome. (*~*)

    Bee Gees 1997and Boyzone 2008 I believe. Good song good tune.

    All those words in one direction a poem, in another direction a tragedy, in another a prayer and in another a resolution. Storms and clashing tyrants...yes only words in the hands of a child. Make your words live life with an eternal flame that DRUMS it's existence into the minds of every reader as an unquenchable thirst striving for some magical mastery of words that echoes in the mind like a great bell vibrating the very ground you are standing on with such depth that it is totally dominant to all who hear it there...and unforgetable.    

    country bumpkin

    Yep, exactly my thoughts. (*~*)

    Who will hear or see them??

    Everyone hector, everywhere.

    Master! Wonderful words!

    Nice, Hector.

    Hey, Hello!


    Hello itsmee long time no see,hope all is well in your domain,

    Well, it's not enough.  Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.  


    Not when they speak with fork tounge,

    Words along with special eyeglasses.


    And special tools to efect the end product,

    verse 1

    Lord if I could buy you a gift to show you my love, tell you how I feel. it wouldn't matter what I'd have to give I would find a way to get it for you. but unfortunately that's not the case and we both know I don't have bank anyway but I won't let it affect my presentation to you cos this is what I bring......

    here is my heart, my mind, Lord here's ma life my everything take it its yours oh Lord.

    verse 2

    I'll give you my all my everything, every song that I Write, every song that I sing, every day of my life, every breath that I breathe, you gave to me and Lord I rededicate it right back to you love of my life so faithful so true. I get goosebumps just thinking about you and there's nothing I will not do for you so

    here is (my) my heart (yeah) my mind ( Lord here's ma life) Lord here's ma life (oh oh oh oh oh oh) my everything (yeah) take it (take it) its yours oh lord its all I have (repeat chorus and end with "to give")


    I give you my best cause I love yours
    (repeat chorus till fade)

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    The Bee Gees. I loved them and miss them. Loved all their songs.

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    Hector, I had never thought about words. Never. You picked an excellent subject. Did you know when you asked it?



    Of course its mee,its all about malipuation of same,

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