I am a dentists from Cornwall ,PL124AR,United Kingdom, i intend to set up a personal clinic, can you please suggest some trusted online dental supplier store?

    Want to buy dental handpiece, dental lab equipment, curing light, etc.

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    Most certainly, we can not possibly direct you to a "trusted" online site of any kind. How could we know that they are trustworthy? This is research that you will have to do for yourself. Asking other dentists in your city would probably be the most reliable, along with any business associations, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Good luck.

    I suggest you post on That is a dental site and you should get help and advice from other dentists about setting up your practice.


    Come on,NDP. As an ex-dentist, can't you give him some good personal advice that he can sink his teeth into ?

    He could ask Suarez!
    Seriously he is obviously a beginner so needs to contact those who have up to date experience of running a practice including the multitude of regulations that have to be obeyed.

    Don't remind me of Suarez. What an injustice to all Italians !

    And don't forget Zinedine Zidane's head butt on an Italian.

    Yeah, but Zizou was red carded. Why wasn't Dracula ?

    You can try to visit,

    I brought few times last year, in total is good, the quality and the service! 

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