What kind of questions would you like to see here? What kind do you answer?

    I thinks this is two different questions depending how you look at ‘em……..

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    I love questions of a personal nature ... seeking a variety of views. I suppose they would be classified as psycho-social, perhaps ethics and reasoning answers tho' I tend to ramble on a little [in a led zep sort of way] I also love directing traffic questions like where to find an item[s] or person[s] or help getting services....stuff y'know, general stuff. Also questions that I 'feel' qualified to answer based upon what tidbits of knowledge visa vi wisdom I have fooled myself into believing I possess! [did that even make sense?]

    Go ahead ... axe me anything!


    I will usually answer anything asked by a regular that I consider to be a friend.(Such as yourself).I stay away from the technical & religious stuff.Anything to do with building as long as I am familiar with the local codes.Automotive questions are good for me.(Usually).

    Anything anything anything, I like to research some boring S***, honestly, I'll answer anything, getting blinder by the day (cataracts) should be OK come August 22 (1st cataract op), I still manage to stay around.

    Recipes! Recipes! Recipes!


    Open my mouth and say " Marrrrr" ... [belch] Thanks for lunch!

    I like questions that are humorous or provide an opportunity to give a humorous answer. I like the boyfriend/girlfriend questions, the diet/food/nutrition questions, vacation enquiries, business questions, golf questions and even silly questions such as "What kind of a haircut should I get"? Sometimes, I can even give an intelligent answer.


    Mhmm, "sometimes", just like me!

    I'll answer them even if I don't know what I'm talking about. I always assume that if I'm too far off track, someone here will let me know. :)

    I'll answer most questions, as long as they are not too technical. I prefer the not too serious ones as well.

    Hey JH,ask any question you like,as long as it is clean, i will answer any question ,even if it is just my opinion, or i know the answer,or i have had experience with the question,,Alway's nice talking JH........>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    i love questions about love; politics; kids; and generally anything that catches my fancy.  I would love to hear more about how people achieve monetary success using the internet with their business. Because if everybody sold to everybody and everybody bought from everybody, everybody would have money for sharing what they have or what they know about. Now this seems simplistic, but in principle it's true. 


    Free market economy is ok for most countries but it doesn't work worldwide, there are a lot of poor countries and people on this big planet of ours.

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