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    7 years ago al gore said we will be in trouble in 7 years,,according to my info,the earth has not got any hotter in the last 16 years,so if we are creating a greenhouse effect, why are we not getting wonder the Mushrooms are confused...anybody got any ideas.............

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    We had the coldest, snowiest winter last winter since the 30s or 40s.My weeping Chinese cherry tree did not bloom for the first time. The blue berry growers said their crop was ruined.

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    Al Gore made a lot of money off of that global warming crap. He got a Nobel, an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Pulitzer.

    terryfossil 1 Have a look at this MCM,,it is a very good debate,,I believe the 3 guys are being honest..........

    I guess it shows that "Bull____" pays!

    The ice age is coming, the ice age is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Al gore makes bucketloads of money with his "claims".

    Mother nature has taken care of this planet for billions of years, we haven't been around that long, and the planet will still be here when we're GONE!


    see my post to see what else he made off of his claims
    terryfossil 1

    Gidday Romos,I just watched a interview on u-tube. this is what was said...UK met office said "there has not been any global warming in the last 16 years,and there has been 400 billion tonnes of co2 released in that time." what do you think Romos,should it not be a little bit warmer??????

    Not getting any warmer where I am Terry.


    I can feel the warmth from my 15 minutes of fame!


    terryfossil 1

    i am glad he belongs to you guy's Duck,but even happier he does not belong to US,,Commiserations Duck.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    He most definitely does NOT belong to us. He is an American and I am a Canadian. We have the pleasure, though, of 90% American television so we get to hear it all. :(
    terryfossil 1

    Apologies from a bended knee position Duck...

    Forgiven...this time. :)

    Al Bore, I mean Gore, simply did what he was best at, B.S. the public into thinking that he and something to say, and that he knew what he was talking about...  As we learned, it was as many of us thought B.S.  Although he did invent the internet, didn't he? 

    terryfossil 1

    Hey Bustie,yeah mate he said "i took the initiative in creating the internet", He was over here last week supporting one of our dipstick pollies,he only managed to make himself a dipstick..

    no, he did NOT invent the internet

    Al who?

    terryfossil 1

    Al see if i can find out for you JH..>>>>><<<<<<


    Al Gore
    Say no more
    A total bore
    Stupid to the core
    Show him the door
    A real eye sore
    Can't count past four
    Full of B.S. global warming folk lore
    Will never be poor (thanks to living off of us)
    A squeak is his roar
    Brains the size of a spore
    A political whore

    Oh, sorry....I've been writing a lot of poetry lately...not that well, I grant you...


    Your bowling balls will expand ,if we get to much global warming,Miss Bob,

    Let's hope I don't bowl a 300 and get disqualified from USBC awards because the ball is oversized.
    terryfossil 1

    Your on the money Bob..>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<

    Great Job, send it to him in a card!

    oh we have a real poet here.........a Longfellow

    He is an idiot. He ranks up there with Farrakahn.


    Who is Farrakahn??

    Farrakahn actually believes the mothership circles earth. Another Obama supporter.

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