Am dating this guy,a year ago he had problem with his left leg but it got healed.On May he went to a boarding school and i remind at my old school,than after two weeks he came back because his leg started to hurt him.He never told me he was back until i found out by myself. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ? Plzzzzzz Help

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    I’d guess he’s not in the mood to see you.  Take it in stride if you are serious about him…….

    It's over....don't chase....move on!

    It means the relationship is not as important to HIM as it is to YOU.  If HE called you to tell you he was back, that shows some potential for the friendship.  If you "heard through the grapevine", I suggest you NOT go out of your way to get in touch, or KEEP in touch with him.  In other words, forget him.

    It means you have posted this same question 3 times.So how many guys with sore legs are you dating?

    Chamer gal

    Actually it is the first time,if you are not willing to help its ok.

    I know she's very serious about her question, but your answer is hilarious!

    Apologies Chamer Girl.I am willing to help.See Bob/PKB's answer.Ditto

    What was wrong with his leg??did he tell you??Charmer gal,

    Oh Tommy...LOL!!

    Maybe he finds you a pain in the butt (American word for ar-e) . He may be trying to tell you something.

    What's wrong with his leg? You said the problem with his leg was healed, then he went away to school only have to come back home two weeks later because of his leg. The problem with his leg could be a serious medical condition and he's not feeling too much like getting in touch. Or, it could be, he do not want to continue dating you.

    It means he's not good at communicating

    it means surprises are coming your way

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