Electric Harley Davidson?

    HD are planning to introduce an electric powered bike.

    Would you consider buying one?

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    Read about it in Machine develops 74hp, max speed 92mph, 0-60 4 secs, recharge 3.5 hrs, range 53 miles.

    4 Answers

    Looks cool enough for me.....



    Is that the electric one ? Looks like you have to stretch out too far over the machine to grasp the handlebars.
    How fast does it go and how many hours does one charge go for ?

    I thimk I would prefer the Tesla but if I am offered the electric Harley Davidson I would take

    I can't wait till Har Dav  comes out with an electric motor scooter or motor cycle. I always said, if there was an electric one, I'd buy it. I'm getting tired of my  ' 83 Moped being hard to start and always leaking oil. After we fix the leak, then another leak starts. It takes two different kinds of oil

     I just got an electric lawn mower. It's so much easier to start than a gas powered one.


    Does anyone look much you going to work on your Lawrn Mower,M/C/M??

    What can one expect in Miles per Galllon Norm,??


    there's no gallons in electric . Maybe you mean MPH .

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