What does it mean if oil is leaking from a point plug

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    Hope this helps...

    I'm in USA, I don't know the meaning of 'point plug' I don't even find a google response on it. But if you are talking about a spark plug leaking at the head, it means you are also losing compression and it could start a fire. Simple fix assuming the plug hasn't been cross threaded.  Needs a gasket ring. of maybe just tightened down a bit.   BTW:  If you are speaking of an engine spark plug, it should not be oil leaking it would be gasoline and compressed gas.  You would hear a 'hissing sound' as the engine runs.




    old cars have points

    Hey Rowdy Girl, As Vinny said, we are assuming you mean spark plug,Like Vinny i have never heard of a point plug ,I am from Australia, you have not mentioned how your car is running, or if it is even a car,so i think we can assume your spark plug is in tight and sealed. so it is possible the oil could be coming from your tappet cover gasket,and leaking down to your spark plug,,your tappet cover is on the very top of the motor and held down by 2 bolts or nuts..tighten them if loose,with the motor cold,spray a can of degreaser over the top of the motor,hose it off with water,wait for the motor to dry,then start it and look for oil leaks,go for a 20 minute drive ,then look for leaks.. all the best 


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    It means the cap on the plug was turned too tight, and the threads are stripped.  Or , prob  the threads are biting into the rubber seal, causing a leak.

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