What would you do if you have a crush on your bestfriend's boyfriend

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    I Would just try to curb my feelings,

    terryfossil 1

    Hec, where did you get those feelings from....................................

    I guess im just a very understanding person Terry,O,L,L,

    Crushes are fun, enjoy it while you’re still young but take it no farther.  We are talking about your FRIEND here.  Friends are so hard to come by and you be in love countless times by the time you are 27, countless……….

    Chamer gal

    Actually my friend told me that she has a crush on my boyfriend

    Tell her to have a great time but keep it to herself. Watch for danger signals……….

    I'd focus on other things, like hobbies, sports, going to a movie, hanging out with other friends.  I'd keep away from a volatile situation. 

    A boyfriend isn't worth losing one's best friend.  


    'I love you Momma' .... my girl's words a few weeks after my very similar advice Bobby! xox ;)

    Moms occasionally do know best.

    I wouldn't, you see my best friend has a wife not a boyfriend.


    It happened when I was in H.S.  I tried to keep it hidden. But,my best firend's mom told her if she didn't drop me, then I was going to take Bob away from her. I wasn't trying to do that.!!  I just liked him.


    OMG. What kind of mom would tell her daughter to dump her best friend over a boy.

    How do you know he does not have a crush on you,,if he wants you and  you want him,,then your friend is in the wrong relationship,,however chances are ,you might gain a boyfriend but lose a friend..but that is how life tends to go,,choices ,choices ,choices,,,they will never end>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Always nice talking, PS,,i am not your heart throb doctor Betty,,,,,this is just my opinion.....................................................................

    A crush on a friends adoring companion is normal and natural in ones teenage years and with immature adults also. The misinterpreted issue is 'love and life-force energy'. These two are very different but some folk have no understanding of either. Life force energy....close your eyes and feel the energy when you reach to an object ,you know is there but have not touched.

    That energy is in you and is part of you. The more familiar you are with that energy the better for you. I can direct an imaginary ball of light near a kitten and she will go for it like a kitten will. That energy will attract anyone and everyone to your special girl and away from you as you hate all the attention she is getting from everyone in the store. If you turn that energy around and seek to bring interest to your girl...well you'll figure it out. 

    Try to get a new boyfriend for my best friend.

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