The 10 most boring cities in America. Has anybody visited them? Anybody live there?

    Feel free to add and explain or disagree and explain.

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    Lubbock, N Las Vegas, Stockton
    Lubbock was fun, but I was there for a specific, fun purpose.

    N. Las Vegas, it's close enough to regular LV, so it can't be all bad.
    Stockton is near the Delta, and that is NOT boring.  Stockton, however, doesn't have much going for it (except one of my best friends). 



    We want more bowling alleys to brighten up the place,and bigger and better burgers,

    Well, a bowling alley with a killer coffee shop could take care of both those needs at once! I like bleu cheese and bacon on my burgers. :D

    I don't know about being boring but a small town of Sedona, Arizona must be the eeriest and weirdest, remind me of something out of Stephen King novels, could not wait for the tour i was on to get out of there.

    That’s right, Texas is one big, boring state. Don’t move here!


    Here's another reason why I wouldn't want t o move here: I don't want to have anything to do with them!

    I wouldn't find it boring anywhere in America, the funny accents would keep me entertained. Just joking don't be offended folks.



    Lol lol lol.

    whach y'all tawk’n ‘bout. Ah cn understand dis whole big conetry…..

    My OL and I were delighted to find a TV show wherein the folk talk just like we do every day. The show is called 'Deadwood' and I hope you have a chance to see it. It was like talking to old friends when we turned that on.

    Half of the actors in Deadwood were British rg, go figure that one out.

    James bought the entire season (a few months ago….)

    I live close to Lubbock and go there about every 10 days or so. Its a fast growing town. Wouldn't call it boring at all. Lubbock has low unemployment ,and plenty to see. Great easy to use airport. No shortage of good restaurants. I question the mentality of the person who put this list together.


    Probably leads a boring life.

    Wasn't there a country song about Lubbock ?

    Ft. Wayne Indiana is not boring if you like beer, I think they make more beer there than anyplace in the USA, all different labels, all B class beer, I don't think they make any premium beers.  Fallstaff is on of their biggies I remember.    I only been there once--  I just rode along with a friend that was an 18 wheeler truck driver, we went there to pickup a trailer full of................Beer.

    country bumpkin

    GO BANDIT!!!
    I lived in Ft. Wayne for a couple of years when I was a kid and I really liked it. My mother had a boyfriend who lived on the highway close to the Indiana/Ohio border. We used to drive to Ohio to do our laundry at a laundromat that had a large plumb tree. I used to pick one off the tree and eat it while I was waiting for my mother to finish the laundry.

    Glad Detroit wasn't on the list, or any Michigan city. Why were most of them in the S.W. ?

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