My sister’s kids put all of her stuff on the lawn for people to come and take it……...

    For Free!  What do you think of that?

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    I think it was the easiest for THEM, to do it that way. It was also disrespectful and mean of them to do that, without even telling you. I'm sure you would have had a very different idea. Family members can cause great pain sometimes.       :(


    Using the word “pain” a little lightly aren’t you” lol

    I'm ashamed for them and very sad for you and the memory of your sister.  This is a disrespectful and lazy action on their part.  It's worse than having a yard sale; they don't find any value in their mother's possessions worth salvaging or donating properly.  What can you do?  Ask them if you can have the Salvation Army bring a truck to pick up the possessions.  Make sure personal items are removed.  
    Again, I'm so sorry; family is a funny thing; my parents' stuff is packed into their garage and no one knows what is going to happen to it at this point.  


    Thank you so much for your comments, you alone know what is going through my head and it isn’t good……...

    I wish I could be more helpful. Cherish your memories, Julie. I went to the cemetery yesterday to "visit" my parents and cried nonstop. I don't really know why.

    That was inconsiderate and selfish of them, they didn't stop to think how you would feel. The younger generations are not the same ,they only think of themselves (well most of them anyway). It must be very difficult for you at the moment Julie, but it will get better, just keep thinking of the good times you spent with your sister. 


    Of course you are right, I need a different mind set. It was such a shock seeing it on FB of all places and when I went there to pick up some much needed items, it was already closed down. Oh, well……..

    I know that pain Julie.When my parents died I got zippo!

    I was offered all the stuff everybody else didn't want.

    My father had a shed full of good tools.My brother in law kept them locked up for 28 years until they were all ruined with rust.Then he had the nerve to ask me if I would take it all to the tip in my truck.I can't print my reply to him here.

    When mum went she had nothing but a few sentimental keepsakes.My sisters scooped them all up before anyone else got the chance.I don't even have a photograph of my parents.

    Families huh!

    My kids have been raised differently I can tell you that.


    Wow. Thanks for the fellowship..At least I got the piano……..

    Yep.The piano is good.Wouldn't work for me tho.I only have 9 fingers for a start & that's my excuse for not knowing one single note of music.LOL

    Families can be really hateful and selfish. I'm sure I can figure out quite a bit of what you told that POS brother-in-law...

    Lol Julie & LOL Phyl.He got a mouthful.

    Maybe they will reap what they sow,Sorrey for your lost julie,


    Thank you, Dennis. You always have a fresh outlook on stuff. I take your words to heart…….

    No one can love you like family and no one can hurt you like family. Sorry for all that you are going thru and condolences on the loss of your sister.


    Sweet sentiments, thank you truly…….

    When my mom died, my bro and I had an argument. I should say he had an argument. When I told an older lady friend about it, she said,  Everytime someone dies, that's when the fighting starts ( among the family members ) 

    I'm sorry, Julie. I know it's going to be a big adjustment all the way around.


    Thank you, MCM. I’m feeling better now that I’ve seen them (note the avatar). You are so kind……...

    Julie, can we write off some of it as them being young and naive?  Still no excuse for bad manners, but at least somewhat of an explanation.  I cannot think that they gave any thought, and that they did not think of how it would represent, and hurt you.  Take care. 


    My, you’re up early… Thank you for your words. I’m getting over it, you can see by my avatar…...

    Too bad they at least didn't confer with you, or ask if you wanted anything. And yes, up every morn at about 6-7 am. Today must babysit grands.

    I have always said that one hour in the morning is worth 2 in the afternoon.I could never understand people who sleep in & miss the best part of the day.I watch the sun rise from my back deck everyday.

    I admire you early risers. I'm always happy when I get going early.

    Yeah, I catch too many worms! They are making me one fat robin...

    Tommy, Along those lines, my dad used to say that one hour before midnight is worth two hours afterward. Hope I said that right.

    I dunno Julianna.I have had a lot of fun after midnight in my younger days.LOL.

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