what is a baby sling?


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    good job, jh.

    Thank you. It looks too hot to me……..

    Oh, there's a photo of a baby sling. It's wonderful!!


    When did you get back? Good to see you, itsmee.

    Susan, I missed you !!!! Hope you are ok. :-)

    itsmee - I do hope you are OK - I asked everyone and did not get an answer - I believe - I am not here much these days tied up with a load of stuff here - as haven't opened the laptop for a month - had to answer loads of e-mails to do with here - too stressful. Last time I heard you were off to the dentist - hope you are well x0x0

    I saw a woman wearing one in a park just the other day. It's basically and usually just a wide piece of cloth slung over the shoulder and tied. Sometimes it has a bit of elasticity to it .Anyway, then you put your infant in the sling in front of you.......kind of in an up position so he can see around him.

    LilyMartin - baby slings are made out of all sorts of materials - kinda like a back pack - but baby sits in it - not covered up obviously. Usually baby is carried across Mum or Dad's chest - I am sure baby enjoys this as so close. It it used on many continents - not sure what it is called everywhere but I know one is called a papoos with babies being carried on the back or on the front - women even working the land etc. with baby in tow on their backs. Papoos sounds such a cosy word as opposed to sling but I am wrong about this papoos means is North Amarican for baby - I have always called baby slings papooses.   

    It is a sport similar to dwarf throwing.

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