Can a world without GOD exist?

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    Headless Man

    Without GOD and Jesus Christ, there would be no world.


    It DOES.
    It just doesn't care.


    Christ on a bike are you guys all from the 13th Century?

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    I believe that God made this world, so no it would not exist. To believe that order came out of disorder is contrary to the laws of our Universe, to the big bang to me just doesn't make sense.

    If you were to take a pile of Lincoln Logs and throw them, then suddenly they made themselves into a log cabin, all by themselves, it would never happen.

    From order comes disorder, and from disorder comes disorder. That is my opinion with some science infused.

    A world without GOD.I don't think would exist.


    BRAVO !!!BRAVO!!!


    For pitys sake imsmartnsoru go to the freaking opera.

    I think we all need something to believe in and God is mine. My life would we very empty without that faith that he is with me at all times. Faith meaning believing in things you cant see or understand.



    BRAVO!!! I have to say it twice, BRAVO!!

    If it were not for God the world would not be in existence.

    I have to wonder to myself with the way the world is right now,wars, earthquakes,pollution,mass destruction etcetera...could it be due to the fact that maybe we are further from God than ever before? Hence looking at the mess around the world...sadly, I have to say no, the world is self destructing.



    That's exactly why Jesus was sent here. Bravo!!!

    Of course you need God to exist, or whatever your religion calls him. Logically, think about it. Without a "God" , how would anything been made? There has to be a external power outside of this universe.


    external power? no.. power that is here, in you, and all around you, is one with you and the universe. Your thoughts, your actions, your spirit contains all the power it needs to change things and create things. The manifestation of this universe itself is mysterious, but only from a very tiny perspective.

    You're only made to believe that this power must be 'external' because a perfect slave truly feels powerless.. he believes he has no power.

    No God is everything everywhere no beginning no ending you I and everything else is a part of GOD

    GOD doesn't want your money.He owns the Universe the Earth.

    Oh yes! It is called Hell!

    This is a world you would see and experince without GOD. It's a world made up by a belief system and not a world of knowledge, being aware of what really exist, and KNOWING we are ONE with GOD. The question I asked was asked before, when we were AWARE and KNEW we were ONE with GOD. By that split second thought, YOU , ME,I, THE SON, now again, this is when we KNEW we were all ONE, MIND split into two. I have not talked about MIND. It's the substance of GOD, that is used for creation,A never ending supply. In the Bible , and I'm not quoting, "Do you choose the tree of KNOWLEDGE or the tree of good and bad?" Just then BAM, we entered a "false" world,one of opinions, one of judgements, a world lack of KNOWLEDGE, a world of nothing, only our opinion, judgement, a belief system, taught to us by our human 5 senses, now that we see and hear with our "outer " eyes and ears of the human body. They teach us everything. Our eyes and ears in this form, the physical form, has limitations. Our bodies have limitations. We can only jump so high, see so far, hear only certain sounds. We have separate brains. We are taught that our brains KNOWS things. We are taught that the human brain can create.We are taught and shown xrays that prove smoke has the power to alter our bodies.Proof I tell you proof. You can't argue with a xray. Do you know why some bodies are altered by smoke? Because you are THE CREATOR , creating what you now believe. We also believe when a body makes a wrong decision,a mistake, we need to punish it. That's why there is disease,because we believe in punishment now, not forgiveness. We have been punishing ourselves because we feel guilty of the "sin" that only occured in our split mind, that was only a thought of nothingness. Can you see everthing is opposite of GOD? The GOOD NEWS is that GOD sent OUR BROTHER, JESUS, WHO IS A manifestation of THE HOLY SPIRIT, to reverse the mistake. Sin is the belief in bodies and not SPIRIT. So anything involving bodies is a SIN. Don't murder a "body". Don't steal from another body. Don't "lust" another body.That's why we are sinners, we believe we are bodies and not SPIRIT, ONE with GOD. We now belive in death. We see bodies die, hopfully on TV. Jesus came here to show us :"There IS NO DEATH". You will see ME die in the most horrible way, and I WILL rise again, not only in 3 days but after they put my body in a stone vault. I will even move the boulder myself, weighing 5,000lbs.How about that? What did we all learn? NOTHING!


    Jesus is coming again, a second time. A different way. This time you will be CONVINCED without ANY doubt that YOU and I and JESUS are all ONE, ONE with GOD, not a body but SPIRIT. You will once again BE AWARE and KNOWING YOU ARE GOD!!!! DO you know why? Because ONLY GOD EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOTHING ELSE


    I see that no one seems to have anything to say, no comments. Does that surprise me? No, it doesn't. Do I think or feel badly to those who disagree, no. Do I wish you could have the same understandings as I BELIEVE I do, no. Do I think badly of those who are saying, "I don't give a ---- what you think about me or you or the world or your bullshit, "what is REAl?", what kind of bullshit is that? "This guy must be completely out of his mind? "I'm so sick hearing about god."do I get mad or concerned, no. My question was for humans,who use their all knowing brains.The question was----


    ---What did we learn,(talking about the EASTER story), And I answered: NOTHING! Well, when you ask, "a brain ,what did you learn?" ,ONE will get the same answer, (if the brain could think and talk), nothing would be it's only answer to that question. To begin with, Would you not have to be insane to even talk to a "brain" let alone get an answer? And even if you believed the brain knows nothing,it's like a computer, it only knows what a programmer, programs it to know. The programmer is now teaching the computer"Knowledge" using his "really smart brain" that he learned in college,from even a


    a smarter "brain" than his. "This teacher has a "PHD" brain, and a master degree brain, that's why I'm am learning from him". "Wait just a darn minute!" Back up. If the brain KNOWS ALL why do we go to school in the first place?" " I know the answer to this question" another brain says". I will go to "Harvard", maybe "Yale", they have really, real, the smartess brains in the whole wide world, OH MY!" I'm impressed, "I have a stupid brain,I was born that way", and besides all that "it takes money to get a smart brain". Come on people,why can't we see in the insanity in this way of thinking?


    ---- ASK GOD HOW TO Think, not your brain. ASK GOD to MAKE YOUR DECISIONS for you and with you. THE HOLY SPIRIT CONNECTS YOU TO GOD. HE KNOWS YOUR NEEDS. How have you been doing so far, on your own? Collecting alot of objects Lately? They must be really cool.A flat screen DVD TV! WOW!! "What will they(the really real smart brains) think of next"? You are soooo lucky! How much did that set you back? WOW!!! Yeh, believing in GOD is bullshit.I'm Done. Oh, if you don't want to listen to me, follow and LISTEN to JESUS, THE MASTER TEACHER, THE REALLY REALLY REALLY REAL SMART and ALL KNOWING,HE IS MY


    TEACHER. I can't make it any clearer, I done.


    I did say I'm not concerned or think badly of those who can't understand or disagree with what was just expressed, it's true. I did not say I could be surprised. Randy Palmer, you surprise me, did not expect that at all. I am totaly calm by the way.


    I'm a talker, but I don't talk about this, or anything that I wrote, to anyone. Now that's hard to believe. They would put me away. It just hit me now, that you might be a female Randy.

    Headless Man

    Are you just a little hyper,

    Headless Man

    Its Just you typed so much without a reply, I could imagine being in a room with you i Wouldn't get a word Love, Randy

    No, a world can not exist without God. The life forms may not know that God is with them (in this world), A Creator can not be apart or be sperated from His creation, nor does He ever forget His creation. Can a couple have children and then simply forget they hade them? In some families ,they say "I wish I could forget", being funny, when kids reach a certain age. Cause is another way to mean Creator. Effect is a term used the same as what was created by the creator. Cause and effect.


    Thats beautiful...thanks for your eloquent gentle words. I wish more answers pertaining to God were done quite so well. Maybe the argueing over who is right would end and we could all enjoy rather than judge eachother

    I'm an Atheist as God intended me to be


    I really love this statement. Thumbs up!


    NO NO NO AND NO thats the all answer !!!

    There is no God or Gods, but I applaud you for your blind faith. It is refreshing to see such devoted obedience to nothing.

    Headless Man

    Why yes it is Bluedeath Love, Randy


    I think people who view faith as being blind, know nothing about what faith really is.

    Blind faith is something attributed to a small percentage of the Religious community, they are the ones that follow religion, or religious leaders.

    They Don't Follow the Real God, and don't have real faith. They are the cultists and the cool-aid drinkers, the weak minded, not real Christians.

    ounce the arabs starts sending nuclear missles in our neighbor hood everyone will believe there is a god

    The question is not whether you believe in God or not,if belief as some people think is a non brainer and you dont have to think to believe in God, then I think they have never had a personal experience with Jesus Christ.You CANNOT MAKE A PERSON believe in God it simply does not work,Ican only speak from my personal experience of my life pre and post conversion,and from thar perspective I can say without a doubt that I cannot immagine a world withoout God.What then do I believe in if ther is nothing higher than my own intelligece,Will I believe in MAN,THE FREE DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM OF THE WORLD,I think not,and a parting comment.Most people who say things like,oh!!the Bible is irrelivant or just a book of fairy tails have not and I repeat not!! read the Bible and discovered the rich tapestry of knowledge it contains,so before you dismissthe Bible do yourself a favour and read it not just look at the bits that justify your position but study it and like me you will be ammazed.


    All I stated so far is what I'm learning to be true. I'm now understand that, all that comes into my life is to bring me closer in KNOWING what I have typed,not said by me.Jesus is the MASTER TEACHER, HE IS my TEACHER.I met someone in my life who was lead to the Bible as he was about to commit suicide. I don't expect anyone to believe what happened next.The only reason I can tell what he experianced ,is that I can't be "stone" to death for telling it,no one knows who I am.Anyway,years later,I saw what seem to be a complete transformation of his life. He suffered from depression and alcoholism.


    Moving on,one day he had enough and was crawling on the floor,heading towards a gun, and then spotted his mother's Bible on a table. He thought, according to what he told me, was" Alright,I'll try one more thing, if this doesn't work, I will kill myself ". He closed his eyes, opened The Bible, putting his finger on what ever page that opened, and then opened his eyes. This sounds like bullshit,Iknow,and also what follows. His finger landed on The Lord's prayer. He read it, and all of a sudden,The Bible lite up, not in a physical way, but now all of a sudden he understood what the words meant.


    He then went into a (unforced) meditation, telling me, Jesus spoke to him. Crazy ,no? No way,right? By the way Dr. Wayne Dyer, experinced something the same, a day when he went to his father's grave to forgive him, his own father who, I guess he hated. It's in one of his books. Anyway, he told me, "Jesus told him to get up." I want you to go to college. Don't be scared, I will be with you the whole way, right next to you. I will give you all the answers to the test. I will tell you everything, so don't be scared.I will tell you exactly what to do. There will be no opticales in you way."


    He signed up for college. He went for 8 years going to 3 different colleges during that time. He recieved 3 "PHDs", one in Meda-Physics.(I wish I could spell). He left college and got a job with, let's just say, a huge "communication" company . He became the top sale's person on the southern East Coast selling computer networks. He bought a expensive condo. and a 2nd. condo. in Peachtree,GA, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. He had a party, to which I was invited. His house was filled with many expensive items, which caught my attention. My whole life I need to know why,I have to ask questions.


    So I had to ask,"How did this happen, what's your secret? What are you doing now? What did you do to be "Top" salesmen? Blah,blah, blah? He answered "Honesty". I said "WHAT!,no way",in my head. Anyway to make a very long story short, he became my "mentor". This is what it took to get to get my attention. I wasn't intested in the objects he owned, but who was his teacher. Do I have to say more? If one would read the Bible as if IT was speaking ,about,to THE SPIRIT, the invisable, one might SEE a different veiw or message. Look, I'm not trying to shove anything down anyone's throat.Jesus is my


    TEACHER, and my life, I hope.

    Personally I think not

    (Psalm 19:superscription-4) To the director. A melody of David. 19?The heavens are declaring the glory of God; And of the work of his hands the expanse is telling. 2 One day after another day causes speech to bubble forth, And one night after another night shows forth knowledge. 3 There is no speech, and there are no words; No voice on their part is being heard. 4 Into all the earth their measuring line has gone out, And to the extremity of the productive land their utterances. In them he has set a tent for the sun,

    i thank god iam a aAtheist every 4 dogs are Atheist too,cos i raised them that way

    yes ,your all in it ,right now

    why the rhetorical question? it is obvious to anyone with the ability to reason and be logical that the world is existing very well without a god.


    I don't think the people of Japan would agree. Very well? Do you really believe the world is doing very well?

    You can't see it,you can't touch it,you can't smell it,you can't hear it...but no matter let's believe in "IT" anyway...Please give me a break.

    0 the creator,creaded,creaters,to create on earth his had no chores of comming here on earth.the bible said we are his foot stool on where we walk depenes on his will, if you believe. like a child.thy are innercent of life,just like adam and eve before thay were deceave by satan. i am not saying the bible word,for word but i am speeking from my heart. in the bible it said every time i try to think good evil thoughts are present.or every time i try to do good i do bad.why is this beleiving in God word i want to believe in my farther that he love me and i trust his word.he said he would be like a lamp upon yours, or my feet,we are his foot stud on if you want to meat someone day by day trying to die to the walk you touck to get here was God timning wecome .the spirit no the Spirit of do you want to control your walk or do you want to let God do the walking for you.

    the creator,creaded,creaters,to create on earth his had no chores of comming here on earth.the bible said we are his foot stool on where we walk depenes on his will, if you believe. like a child.thy are innercent of life,just like adam and eve before thay were deceave by satan. i am not saying the bible word,for word but i am speeking from my heart. in the bible it said every time i try to think good evil thoughts are present.or every time i try to do good i do bad.why is this beleiving in God word i want to believe in my farther that he love me and i trust his word.he said he would be like a lamp upon your or my feet,we are his foot stud on if you want to meat someone day by day trying to die to the walk you touck to get here was God timning wecome .the spirit no the Spirit of do you want to control your walk or do you want to let God do the walking for you.

    I believe there is something out there which/who is somewhat of a guiding factor being known to earhlings as God. No one here on the earth knows. Organized religion claim they are each the knowledgeble ones, however, the only truth there is that they can't all be right. I know little about religions other than Christian, so I address my beliefs accordingly.

    It is a fact that the Bible is replete with plageirisms. About 3,000 years before the Christian Christ, there was an Egyptian god, Horas. He has gone down in history as having been born of a virgin, being able to do magic (miracles), had 12 loyal buddies, was killed then came back from the dead, etc. Sound familiar? Then there were others who followed these lifelines, until about 300 BC when Mirtha was born somewhere in that same part of the world. Yep, he was born from a virgin, did magic, died and then came back to life.

    That brings us up to about year 00. Same part of the world and same life story. Seems the Bible and Jesus is the fake here, not any god.

    I have a feeling that those who protest my statement, will start quoting the Bible here. I hope all will see the irony of that logic.

    It has done for 4.5 billion years


    You say 4.5 billion years. What was before that?

    Why don’t you believe in God? I get that question all the time. I always try to give a sensitive, reasoned answer. This is usually awkward, time consuming and pointless. People who believe in God don’t need proof of his existence, and they certainly don’t want evidence to the contrary. They are happy with their belief. They even say things like “it’s true to me” and “it’s faith.” I still give my logical answer because I feel that not being honest would be patronizing and impolite. It is ironic therefore that “I don’t believe in God because there is absolutely no scientific evidence for his existence and from what I’ve heard the very definition is a logical impossibility in this known universe,” comes across as both patronizing and impolite.

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?"
    - Epicurus

    Headless Man

    God is able but he gave us the choice, He is willing but in His time. He is GOD, sorry Epicurus.

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