Just had to remove my belongings from my sister’s house. What is the roughest move you’ve had to make?

    I didn’t have much, just some perfume I gave her and a couple of books and I got the painting I’ve always loved……...

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    It must have been hard to get rid of her belongings, Julie, and not to see her there. Or, is someone living in the house ?

    Just my niece and nephew cleaning out the house and getting rid of (donating) all of her stuff…...

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    Disposing of everything in my parents house after looking after the two of them for the previous year. By then, my dad was permanently hospitalized and my mother was in a home with Alzheimer's Disease. I still felt as though I was invading their privacy.    :(



    It happens Miss Ducky,

    Yep. :(

    Oh, my duck. how sad and I know it hurt……...

    Awful feeling, just like you with your sister but it gets better as time passes.

    The first difficult move I had to make was when I was 13 years old. My mother had remarried the man who had adopted me (one of my younger brothers dad),  we had bought a house in the country, I got to paint my room pink, I had a crush on my coach (my future husband LOL), I was making the best grades I had ever made in school, and I finally made a best friend. One month before school was due to be out for summer vacation my mother told me she was leaving my brothers dad and we must move to another town. I was heart broken and I begged her not to make us leave town. Couldn't we just live in another house?  I had to leave my home and my best friend behind and I was devastated. 


    How heartbreaking. I guess you are one to ask, “Does time really heal all wounds?”……...

    That's a sad thing, especially for a 13 year old.
    country bumpkin

    LOL..I suppose I'm still a little wounded by what happened. I still have dreams (35 years later) about sitting in class and hanging out with the students I attended school with.

    I find a lot of my dreams are about the times when I was a child, most I'm glad to say are about things that we enjoyed as kids.

    Yes we've had to do that twice, once when my mum past on , and when my mother-in-law past on. It's a hard thing to do, one of the times in life when we have to be tough and do what needs to be. Just keep thinking of the good memories you have of your sister Julie, it will help you to do what has to be done. God bless.


    You are so sweet, I didn’t mean for this question to be so depressing. But a chance to vent. I’m 56 never had a loss before now……….

    30 years ago, I left my home state of Ohio, the most terrible move in my life, it was very sad. A few changes of clothes, my car and my then wife (now divorced) Sold everything we had in Ohio but what we brought with us to CA, didn't know what I was going to do in CA, we lived in a motel for a few months, I got a job, we moved in with the owner of the place I worked for a few months then got an apartment. Then eventually a house.

    Now I am about to do it all over again and move back to Ohio and retire there with family and old friends but leaving old friends and new friends in California will be equal as hard.


    Back to cold, winter weather. Ugh.

    Glutton for punishment?

    I was born there, I will die there.

    Had to clean up after mom-in-law severed her vein in ankle and almost bled to death, she never returned to live independently.  Eventually, we had to move most of her items from home, but the bloody mess was very traumatic. 


    Ooooo, blood! I am so glad you were there to help…..

    Had to move my mom 4 X.  Each time it was harder . Had to move her out of her beloved childhood home.And I had lived there later on too, as an adult. Had to move her into a retirement apartment. Then, had to move her to the back of the buillding.That's where they keep the elderly folks who are going down hill and need more care. They don't want them up front where the visitors can see them. It's not good  P.R.  Then, had to move her into a nursing home. Then ahd to move all the stuff out of her last apartment. Then she died. Then , had to move her clothes adn things out of the nursing home  :-(   My brother did not come from a neighboring state to help me. His wife wouldn't let him. She is the gate-keeper.


    Rough story, makes me feel for you…...

    Thank you. I know that it's hard not being able to see you sister anymore.

    When you gotta-go, you gotta-go. Moving away from attachments, friends, foes and family would have been nearly impossable if I had not listened to that part of God we all know within our very being. My departure gave me a clean break away from an increasingly hazardous  turns of events that reeked of a Dangerous influence. So I left everything and everyone I knew to escape total madness, opression and the death machine I knew there. Reality, can be a happy adventure, smiling happy friends, children and life long loves completely avoiding unspeakable violence, madening influences and years of intriguing involvement in activities that would make a billie-goat puke. The door opened just a little and I left...never to return...ever. I am better than anything I left there.    


    Leave it to you to become so philosophical at a time like this. Your level headiness is a blessing……..

    ...a time like this??? I know breaking free of problems. I simply refuse to suffer the indignities others let go-by at their expense. I have a short fuse and refuse to cut it longer. My pain threshold turns my brain-on full blast seeking escape and resolution now.
    Some folks throw stones when about to be mowed-down. Self-ejection from the scene is pro-survivalism. Believe in your own strength to not be brought into a crime scene where no one wins.


    My dad passed several years before my mom. When she passed, my brothers and their family members all met at my mom's house to clear it out. Although everything was left to me in her will, they all went crazy running around the house wanting everything they could get their hands on. So I left and let them fight over it all. Such hubris was to difficult to be around. They took it all and don't even care about me anymore. All they wanted were material things. Months after that, my daughter fell ill with a bone tumor and they never even cared. Oh well, family, what can you do? 


    This is horrible, witchway. What can you do? Take care of your daughter and her family with your never-failing love and support, and keep those others at a good distance, never to be sucked into their "stuff" again. Like my sister and nephew, I care about them, but can't be around them.

    I, for one, understand what you are going through or went through. My niece and nephew haven’t even had a chance to grieve yet…….So sorry to hear about your daughter. I wish that all goes well and it turns out to be nothing but a bad dream…….

    Bob, I don't intend to do anything. They took it all and they have to live with what they did. Possessions don't love you back, maybe they'll see their mistake somewhere down the road. Oh well.
    jhh, thanks for your words of incouragement. You have no idea what your wishes have meant to me and my family. Blessings for you and your family.

    witchway, my feelings exactly. In my case, I have my kids' futures at stake financially, and have to put the brakes on the free-for-two. I have faith this will work out the way it was intended.

    The plan was to meet at my parents' home and take turns selecting keepsakes. My sister, her son, my three sons, me.  But that's not what happened. My sister and nephew decided to pack up everything, thinking it all belongs to my nephew, and shove it in the garage.  I didn't participate in this adventure; being around my sister requires one to listen to the point of insanity while she tells you what a terrible childhood she endured and how wonderful her son is.  Never ending...


    Oh, Bob, I dream of t his to be over for selfish reasons, you know what they are. Look up the word “family”, I think they ought redefine it…….

    The saddest part of MY story is that others have their own stories as bad as or worse. There is something amiss in every family in the world...not that it makes anyone feel better.

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